In the newest edition of the Denver Nuggets Daily Podcast, T.J. McBride dives into the outcome of the 2018 NBA Draft Lottery where history chose to repeat itself as Denver failed to move up once again.

The Nuggets will now prepare for the 2018 NBA Draft with the 14th pick as ammunition. The real question is not who Denver drafts at 14, but if they even draft there at all. With a very tight cap sheet, few additional roster spots, and the 14th pick in what is considered to be a 13 player draft, Tim Connelly, and his staff will have to get creative with how they use their pick.

Denver could trade back, trade up, pick at 14, or just trade the pick entirely to move off of one of Kenneth Faried, Darrell Arthur, or Wilson Chandler’s contracts. With so many options on the table, this Denver Nuggets Daily podcast is dedicated to outlining each potential situation.

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Sorry – this audio content is no longer available.