The Denver Nuggets need a lot of work,  but I believe they are on the right track. Here are a few New Years Resolutions for the Denver Nuggets.

First and foremost, I have a couple of resolutions for Emmanuel Mudiay. The young man has shown us flashes at times that he can be the general that leads this team in the future; however, he has also shown us that it may take more time than some people think.

I didn’t think he would be ready to lead this team for a couple of years and still feel the same way. He can speed that process up by doing a few things better in 2016. Cutting down the turnovers is obvious, but this will come; it will just take some time.

Mudiay isn’t yet comfortable playing against NBA talent night in and night out. He also needs to continue working on his shot; he is doing so with the savvy vet Mike Miller. Mudiay has a tendency to get caught in the air without making his final decision. When he gets more confidence in his jumper, we will see less of the off balance jumper in the lane and less turnovers. He gets caught in the air now, and with no confidence in his shooting, he tends to make a errand pass.

Improvements on those couple things and Mudiay will become the floor general the Nuggets need.

This New Years resolution is all about the big fella, Jusuf Nurkic; rumor around the Pepsi Center Tuesday night when the Cavs were in town was that Nurkic could see some time in Oakland Saturday against the Warriors. It will take him some time to get back into to game shape because, at this point of the season, there’s not a lot of time for teams to practice five on five with the crazy NBA schedule. Once Nurk is healthy enough to return to the starting lineup, though, he’ll make a huge difference.

This team needs a tough guy, and he fits the bill! There is still a lot of work to be done with his post game, but with improved footwork and a mid range jumper, he could turn into one of the games best young big men. There’s lots of potential with Jusuf; he just needs to get back on the floor as soon as possible.

The third resolution may shock some people because he has been great offensively, but Will Barton has to elevate his game on the defensive side of the floor. Barton can score at will (see what I did there?), but the guy he’s guarding is matching his scoring, then I call it a wash. Outside of the defensive effort, I have been very impressed with Barton. He seems to know playing in the NBA is a privilege and not a right, and that is refreshing to cover.

My fourth Nuggets resolution comes in the form of a couple of Euros, Nikola Jokic and Joffrey Lauvergne. Both of these young men have potential; they are both raw and need work, but that talent is there, and you cant teach size. I’m not sure either of them are starters just yet, but on a team that is rebuilding on the fly, I say give them all the time their bodies can handle. Develop these two with the young pieces around them and Denver could be set with three very good young big men.

Last but certainly not least are a couple of players that I hope do not end the season on the Denver Nuggets roster, Kenneth Faried and Randy Foye. A trade involving Foye would be easy, an expiring contract for a guy that has a reputation as a shooter. Could be a good addition for a postseason team that needs a vet off the bench.

The other player I would like to see on the trade block is Faried. Fans need to understand that he is a fine player to watch, but he’s not a starter on a team with championship aspirations. The Nuggets are not that team yet, but they need to act as if they are, and having Faried as a starter will not allow them to do so. Having him come off the bench is not really an option, as we have all witnessed that Faried can throw a temper-tantrum when not in the starting lineup. Kenneth Faried has a lot to offer to an NBA team, but it’s not this one.

There are five things I hope the Nuggets do or continue to do in 2016. Denver is on the right track but it will take some time. Nuggets fans should set a resolution to attend more games. Support your team Nuggets fans!