If you’re headed out of town this week, it likely means you’ll be stopping through Denver International Airport on route to your destination. It also means you’ll be in the heart of Broncos Country.

And as the Denver Broncos are preparing to welcome the Pittsburgh Steelers into the Mile High city this weekend, DIA has made sure that they receive a warm, Bronco welcome, turning all of their arrival and departure boards orange and blue.


Denver International Airport (Facebook), via 9news

And if you look a little closer, there’s a special homage to the one and only Peyton Manning …


Yes, this week, if you’re traveling to this Midwestern city, you’re no longer going to Omaha; you’re going to “Omaha!”


via 9news (Photo: Birendra Dhakal)

DIA better be careful, though. Too many “Omahas!” and those planes might start encroaching on the terminal — yes, that’s an encroachment penalty joke.