Ben Higgins is The Bachelor. Well, I guess he was one of the Bachelors. I’m not real sure how many Bachelors there have been, but Ben has been one of them.

After the Broncos practice was over, Bachelor Ben went onto the field and started slinging some passes. He was quickly told by the Broncos PR staff that just because he was or is The Bachelor doesn’t give him permission to use an NFL training field as a personal playground.

It was another bizarre moment in a training camp filled with bizarre moments. Most of those moments come with a grown man throwing a football.

Despite the shelacking of the Bears, Saturday’s practice was another low moment for this slowly evolving offense.

The Broncos came back after an off day and once again, they couldn’t click offensively.  Kubiak’s frustrations are obvious. He just cannot get these guys to run the offense he has drawn up. They just can’t do it.

Paxton Lynch got ripped by Kubiak. The offense gathered again for an in-practice private meeting. Kubiak kept the offense out on the field for an extra period of work after practice was over. Kubiak then stepped up to the press conference podium and destroyed the effort by the offense.

He is completely at his wits’ end and this goes way beyond trying to send some sort of symbolic message. He is having issues.


At some point in a relationship, if it’s not working out, you essentially have to say, “it’s not you, it’s me.” The other accurate cliche is of course, “she’s just that into you.” Use either one and it’s appropriate for what’s going on with the Broncos.

If you just can’t get your fellas to execute your offense, perhaps its time to look at your offense. For whatever reason, for the second year in a row, the Broncos can’t execute the offense that Kubiak wants them to execute. It’s probably time to stop yelling at the players and just start changing the offense to what they can do.

It may not matter because the Broncos defense is incredible. Trust me, they aren’t having private little meetings during practice. The defense isn’t spending extra time after practice trying to figure things out. Wade Phillips’ defense is clicking on all cylinders and doesn’t need any reminders on how to play football.

It’s a bizarre thing to watch what is essentially two different teams and two different coaches go through two completely different set of emotions.

The 49ers are coming to town and that may be the best thing for Kubiak and his frustrations. The fact that any defense is going to be worse than the Broncos D can only make things easier on this team.

The 22-0 butt kicking of the Bears seems to be a distant memory to Gary Kubiak and this team. What exists today is frustration that may be best explored if the head coach takes a look in the mirror.