As a divisional opponent for Colorado baseball, the Los Angeles Dodgers are no strangers to how this Rockies clubhouse has operated over the years. And with L.A. visiting Coors Field this weekend, manager Dave Roberts praised their revamped pitching staff while highlighting some of their key historic strengths.

“It’s a different team in the sense of their pitching is arriving and they’re pitching well,” Roberts said. “The bullpen’s different, and on the pitching side of things, they’re getting guys out, putting the baseball on the ground.”

In the infield and outfield, however, Roberts said not much has changed the last few seasons, aside from a few additions and a player who’s been in and out.

“The position player nucleus is the same,” Reynolds said. “Obviously they brought in Desmond, Reynolds has been in and out the last few years here, but I think the biggest difference is the pitching. It’s a good club, very balanced ball club.”

Some have said that the Rockies’ pitching is finally catching up to their hitting, which–let’s face it–can be a dangerous combination for teams coming in to compete with them.

“That says a lot about this club, because the hitting is very elite,” Roberts said. “Over the course of 81 games here, it takes it’s toll on pitching. So yeah, they’re pitching well and they lose Gray, and they still find ways to plug guys in and get guys out. They’ve done a nice job putting together a pitching staff.”

The Rockies and Dodgers will finish up their four-game series on Sunday to determine who takes home the bragging rights for the series–if they don’t tie, that is.