Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Trevor Siemian has been named the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos.

Head coach Vance Joseph announced on Monday afternoon that Siemian had beaten out Paxton Lynch for the second consecutive year, and according to Joseph, that comes with a new set of expectations. In order to achieve those expectations, Joseph just wants his quarterback to be himself.

“As far as taking the reins, I want Trevor to be himself,” Joseph said on Monday. “Just be yourself, Trevor. Use your weapons. Be a leader and play good football for us. Be a leader. Just be Trevor. That’s all we want.”

Competing for the starting job for the second consecutive year after winning the job the year before can be frustrating, but that’s not the way that Siemian looks at it. Every day is a battle, and that’s the way he’ll look at things moving forward.

“Honestly, I think you have to compete for your job every day and every week,” Siemian said on Monday. “When I was here and I watched Peyton [Manning], that guy wasn’t content – Hall of Fame or whatever it was. But every day and every week, I think you have to earn your job. Quarterback is no different.”

Siemian is certainly bringing the right attitude with him back into the starting role. His attitude is just one of the things that will help him blossom into the quarterback that Joseph would like him to be after winning two quarterback battles back-to-back.

No player is perfect, and Siemian is no different, but Joseph is very pleased with what his starting quarterback brings to the table ahead of the season. According to Joseph, Siemian gets a bad rap on some things, and he’s ready to put an end to that.

“I think Trevor gets no credit for his arm talent,” Joseph said. “He won nine (sic) games last year and probably could have won 10 or 11. So I’m excited about Trevor; protecting him more than we did last year, running the football better and continue to play great defense. I think he fits the bill for us.”

Keep in mind that Siemian played much of 2016 with a severe AC joint sprain in his non-throwing shoulder, which limited his downfield throwing ability. When healthy, he proved capable of putting up big numbers, as he did against Cincinnati. In the Week 3 matchup last year Simian passed for 312 yards and four touchdowns in a 29-17 road win.

According to Joseph, Siemian has a very good standing with other teams around the NFL.

“Absolutely he does not get the credit. You watch Trevor play the position – I’ve talked to numerous NFL coaches and it’s all the same. He’s a pretty good quarterback in this league.”

On the Monday before the ever important third preseason game, one of the final pieces to the puzzle was completed. Now Siemian knows that the real work is just beginning.

“I’m really just excited about moving forward, playing this week and starting the season off,” Siemian said. “I think we have a really special group. We have a good team. I’m excited to get to work.”