The Denver Nuggets need a face and a voice of the franchise, something they haven’t had since Carmelo Anthony. Now, it seems that Emmanuel Mudiay is ready to become the leader the Nuggets have been longing for.

While at media day, Mudiay was one of the center points of attention, answering questions on the future of his game.

In his answers, Mudiay would talk about how he wants to take steps in every aspect of his game, with a focal point being his growth as a leader and a voice for the team.

“That’s one thing I’m really going to have to do this year is being more vocal,” Mudiay explained. “Being more of a leader. You know, challenging guys, challenging myself; that’s one thing I’m going to have to really do this year to get to the next level.”

Mudiay was like the new kid on the block last year. He was quiet and kept to himself, but a noticeable change has occurred as he is becoming more talkative and vocal on the court, something that coach Michael Malone challenged his sophomore guard to do.

“My message to him coming into camp is ‘I want you to be a leader,’” Malone told Christopher Dempsey of The Denver Post while at training camp. “’You’re our floor leader. The ball is in your hands. Run your team, be vocal and be comfortable in doing so. … I want these guys to get used to hearing your voice.’

“He has really taken that to heart. I love the pace at which he’s playing with. He’s in great shape. He’s been very impressive after three practices, and obviously that has to continue.”

Mudiay stalled at the beginning of his rookie season due to injury mixed with inexperience at the professional level; however, he improved greatly as the season progressed.

While his numbers were not exceptional, they were a starting point and a goal for Mudiay to soar beyond in the coming season and beyond, something the Nuggets organization is expecting him to do.

“You’ve got to go with what got you to the NBA, first and foremost,” Mudiay said. “So, be comfortable with that and then develop the other stuff. So I’m going to keep using my athleticism until I feel I need to just keep consistently shooting outside.”

He’s done everything necessary to become a better player and teammate, so look for big things in every aspect of the Congo Kid’s game this season.