Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas were not happy this week. Despite being 2-0, they wanted more targets, and they wanted to play a bigger role on the offense.

Some could argue that it wasn’t the right time to speak up, but the two wideouts know how talented they are, and they know how much they can bring to the offense. Through two weeks, Trevor Siemian had hardly attempted a pass longer than 10 yards down the field, let alone 20, and they spoke up.

“There’s some frustration, but it’s hard to be frustrated when you’re sitting here 2-0,” Sanders said, via ESPN.com. “I can sit up here and make it all about me and Demaryius, how we’re used to having 100-yard games, we’re used to scoring touchdowns and we’re used to doing this. But we’re sitting here 2-0 … Individually, I would like to have my highlights on ESPN, yeah, I would like to have 100-yard games, be ranked top five, but we’re sitting here 2-0 … I’m waiting for that big game, Demaryius is waiting for that big game — we know it’s going to come.”

And on Sunday, it came.

Combined, the two receivers finished with 15 receptions for 217 yards and three touchdowns, and each had a touchdown reception of at least 41 yards.

For the first time all year, Gary Kubiak allowed Siemian to air it out, and his wideouts delivered.


Thomas told NFL Media’s Michael Silver that the Denver Broncos were going to need more offense, and they proved they’re plenty capable against the Bengals.

The Broncos put up 29 points in Cincinnati, and unlike last week, the credit goes entirely to the offense. If they can continue to play like this, there won’t be any more complaining from the Broncos wide receiver room.