Tonight at 6:00 p.m., the NFL will announce their 2016 schedule, and if that’s really got you jazzed, then make sure your’e tuned into the NFL Network, where you can watch their three-hour-long schedule-release special!

Can’t you feel the excitement? This is the time of year where every fan, whether they enjoy it or not, slowly walks through each game, analyzing their team’s chances of victory, before saying something nonsensical like, “Ahhhh … Who’s to say my Browns can’t beat Broncos? That’s a win.”

But it’s fun. And two months removed from the Super Bowl, every football fan in America is craving any taste they can get.

For the Broncos, though, the big question is whom they’ll be opening up against. We already know which opponents Denver will be facing throughout the course of the 2016 season and where they will be playing them, but not what order.

The most likely candidates for that Thursday Night NFL season opener would seem to be the Panthers or Patriots, the two teams the Broncos beat in the Super Bowl and AFC Championship, respectively, but there’s another, more under-the-radar, option that has Emmanuel Sanders intrigued.

With Brock Osweiler now residing in Houston, there’s sure to be plenty of animosity in this game. Osweiler would want to prove that he made the right decision by dethroning his former team, and the Broncos would want to show their former quarterback that they’re fine without him.

It’s the NFL equivalent of trying to impress your ex.

We’ll see if the NFL finds it as interesting as Sanders does tonight.