John Elway and Gary Kubiak may have an idea of who their starting quarterback is, but their players sure don’t.

“Right now we don’t even know who our starting quarterback is,” Emmanuel Sanders said on ESPN this week. “So we’re trying to gain chemistry with all of the guys.”

So, what does the 29-year-old think about the candidates vying for the starting job?

“I think Mark wants to be the leader of this team. He’s very vocal. So far, OTAs he’s looking really good. I mean he’s throwing catchable passes,” Sanders said. “He has to learn a totally different system. He has to be able to come into this lockeroom and prove that he’s a leader. And I think he’s dealing with a lot, but in dealing with all of that, I think he’s handling it really well.”

Sanchez hasn’t given up the fight, and doesn’t plan on doing so anytime soon. But what did Sanders think when he met first-round draft pick Paxton Lynch for the first time?

Attempting to lighten the mood, Sanders introduced himself as Demaryius Thomas, but was unfortunately shot down right away. Google searches and Twitter don’t leave much room for impersonations anymore. Anyway, the wide receiver seemed pretty blown away by the rookie’s physical stature.

“This kid is huge, he looks like Lebron James, like 6-foot7, 6-foot-8. He’s a big kid,” Sanders said.

But being built like Lebron isn’t an indicator of Lynch’s potential shot at the starting job. It’ll take time to prove himself, and practices and training camps will be the deciding factors.

“It’s going to take a little while, but one thing about it is that we stay after every single day at practice,” Sanders said. “We get extra time on the field because once those lights turn on Sundays, it’s no more thinking; it’s all about making plays, and we want everything to just go smooth. It’s going to be a process, but we still have all the OTAs, we got training camp.”

For now, fans can relax and trust their team to make a good decisions.