After one week of training camp, the quarterback competition for the Denver Broncos is still raging on. Although the decision will be made by the coaching staff, fans and media alike are latching on to any take they can get about who will come out on top.

Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders spoke with the gathered media after practice on Wednesday, and to no one’s surprise, he was asked about the ongoing competition between Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian.

“My take is: It’s even. They’re battling. They’re going at each other. They’re both trying to make the right reads, make the right corrections and make plays every single day,” said the veteran wide receiver. “It’s like one of those situations where there’s no update on it. They’re running neck and neck right now.”

When asked if the fact that Siemian and Lynch were neck and neck was concerning, Sanders dismissed that idea immediately.

“That’s not concerning. It’s obviously still early in training camp. We still have four preseason games. I could say, ‘Paxton is looking good out here during practice. And, Trevor can ball in the game.’ Or, vice versa – it doesn’t matter,” Sanders explained. “We’re going to see when the lights turn on, and when we go to San Francisco, and when we’re playing against other teams – what are you going to do in the game? I think that will be the determining factor.”

Earlier in the year, players were sounding off about when they wanted a decision by, but it would appear that it has died down some. Throughout it all, Vance Joseph has held to his timeline, and the recent answers from players have started to show that continuity is the goal of the whole team at this point.

Featured Image Credit: Ryan Greene, 5280 Sports Network