The #DearPeyton campaign from Gatorade was one of the most touching things produced this year. It was nearly impossible to watch it and not feel moved by the great quarterback’s humility and respect for the people he’s played with and against, not to mention the random individuals whose lives touched him deeply – often to their great surprise.

ESPN’s spoof, aired during The ESPYS was as funny as the original campaign was touching.

In it, sports and media personalities roast everyone from his brothers Eli and Cooper, to Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, to Al Michaels and Lorne Michaels, to the man himself.

Even his parents, Archie and Olivia, get in on the action: “It turns out Peyton looks a lot like a thumb,” Olivia deadpans.

Click the link below if the video does not load on your device.

It’s classic. It might even top his famous United Way sketch from SNL.