Are the Broncos in the market for a quarterback? Absolutely.

Maybe more than they wish they were, though.

It’s not often that a Super Bowl winning team goes into the offseason with a glaring question mark at the game’s most-important position, but that’s exactly the situation the Denver Broncos are in. With Peyton Manning on the verge of retirement and Brock Osweiler looking for a big payday, there’s a realistic scenario where Trevor Siemian is the only returning quarterback on the Broncos roster.

And while I like Siemian as much as the next guy, there’s no way I’d feel comfortable with a second-year, seventh-round quarterback leading this team on their quest for a fourth Lombardi Trophy.

So, yes, the Broncos are in the market for a quarterback.

And here are five every Broncos fan should be keeping an eye on:

5. Matt Schaub 

Denver Broncos be in the market for a quarterback

If Matt Schaub so much as touched a Denver Broncos jersey, I’d be a very worried man. But that’s the type of situation we’re in.

The Broncos aren’t bringing in a big-name guy, not unless that guy’s name rhymes with Rock Bossweiler. And  if they can’t afford to pay Brock, they most definitely aren’t going to be able to afford Kirk Cousins or Sam Bradford.

That leaves guys like Matt Schaub, and other table scraps like him, as viable, depressing options.

But let’s say that the Broncos do re-sign Brock or move up to draft a young quarterback in the first round and they need a reliable, veteran backup for emergencies; in that case, Schaub makes some sense.

He spent the seven best years of his career in Houston under coach Gary Kubiak, posting a record of 90-88, earning two Pro-Bowl appearances and leading the league in passing yards during the 2009 season. Even if he’s only a fraction of the player he once was, he knows Kubiak and his system; that could be enough to earn him the job of professional clipboard holder.