In all reality, the chances of the Broncos bringing in a big name free agent tight end (not that there really is one) are slim to none. Barring a surprising cut, Denver will enter the offseason with the same faces as last year: Owen Daniels and Virgil Green.

If an upgrade is going to come from anywhere, it’s probably going to come from Jeff Heuerman, who was drafted in the third round of last year’s draft. At Ohio State, Heuerman showed flashes of receiving prowess, but they came sparingly; he only caught 52 balls during his entire four-year career, just 17 of which came during his senior year.

And if that’s not enough of a question mark, he also missed the entirety of his rookie season, training camp and all, with a torn ACL.

Sure, there was a reason why John Elway reached for him in the third round, but if the Broncos are expecting him to suddenly be the pass-catching threat they were missing so dearly from the tight end position last year, they’re asking an awful lot.

So that leaves Owen Daniels as Gary Kubiak‘s best option. Well, as long as they don’t pull the trigger and bring in someone in free agency, which is still a possibility.

And if they do, here are five guys they should consider (Be prepared for a lot of Saints):