With the Denver Nuggets offseason in full effect, the front office has now set out to dissect the upcoming NBA Draft and the vast amount of players that are set to hit the market as free agents this year.

And as the Nuggets go, so do all of us here at Mile High Sports.

So over the next month we will be going position by position and breaking down the top five draft choices and potential free agents and their fit in Denver.

Being that the 2016 NBA Draft Lottery was earlier this week and the Nuggets remain at the seventh-overall selection, we will dive into potential picks at that spot. Do the Nuggets draft best player available or draft based on need? Is it a wing or a backup point guard more needed?

Without further ado, five selections the Nuggets could make in the seventh slot.

Jamal Murray, Kentucky

Age: 19 years old     Size: 6’4, 207 pounds

Last Season’s Stats: 20 points; 5.2 rebounds; 2.2 assists per game

Percentages: 45.4% from the field; 40.8% from three-point; 78.3% from the free throw line

Jamal Murray is everything the Nuggets could want in terms of spacing the floor and putting a volume shooter next to Emmanuel Mudiay. He shot 40.8 percent from the three-point arc on 7.7 attempts per game. For a Nuggets team that was in the bottom five in three-point percentage and starts a, currently, non-shooter in Mudiay, the need of having a knock-down shooter in the backcourt could not be stated enough. It would open up the offense substantially.

While Jamal Murray is as highly touted as any prospect outside of Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram, there is a chance that draft night gets trade happy and the unthinkable starts to happen.

The Phoenix Suns drafted the diminutive Devin Booker last year and I highly doubt they are trying to bring on a similar player. Same situation goes for Boston in the third draft slot. There has already been lots of talk that Minnesota and/or New Orleans could be trading out of their spots. Adding into the fact that this draft is heavy with frontcourt players gives more opportunity for Murray to fall into Denver’s lap.