Now, before we get started, realize that this will probably never happen. Jay Cutler may have burned all bridges leading into the Mile High City with how poorly he handled reports that Josh McDaniels was looking to move him for Matt Cassel. That being said, from a skills standpoint, Cutler could make a lot of sense for the Denver Broncos.

Yes, grumpy-faced Cutler. He with the mighty arm and many interceptions. He is reportedly being shopped by the Chicago Bears, and is likely to be released if they cannot find a partner. The Broncos have plenty of holes to fill, so I wouldn’t sacrifice the cap room or assets necessary to acquire him via trade; but, should he be released, I would be very tempted to take a flier if I were John Elway.

Ask yourself, what is the main reason you wouldn’t want Cutler? Does it have anything to do with his talent?

Nobody has ever questioned the talent in Cutler’s right arm. He has a cannon. With Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders to throw to, he could put up gaudy numbers. The issues come with attitude, inability to stay healthy and his decision making.

By all accounts, Elway wants to get back to the high-flying Broncos offenses of yesteryear. He wants the offense to attack. He also wants drastically improved play from the quarterback position.   That is why he brought in Bill Musgrave and Mike McCoy.

Theoretically, Cutler could thrive in McCoy‘s offense. In his one season under Adam Gase, a McCoy disciple, Cutler posted the best quarterback rating of his career (92.3). He can stretch the field and, as he showed in 2015, can still be successful behind a subpar offensive line.

Turnovers have always been an issue for Cutler. That isn’t likely to change. That being said, a lot of those come from trying to force the ball into too tight of windows. To me, though he’s not always successful, that shows he is playing to win.

If the Broncos are looking to play it safe, Cutler is not their guy. If the Broncos were looking to play it safe however, John Fox would likely still be their head coach. He probably won’t be, but on a short-term, incentive-laden deal, Cutler could be the answer for the Broncos.

This rendition of the Broncos have a small window in which they can truly contend for another Super Bowl. Nobody knows more about throwing into small windows than Jay Cutler.