Tim Tebow is about as polarizing as they come.

On one hand, he gave the city of Denver one of the most exciting sports seasons in recent memory. On the other hand, well, he wasn’t very good.

And while Broncos fans still look back at that magical season with fondness, apparently his teammates’ memory of him hasn’t aged all that well.

In an interview with Fox Sports Radio, former Broncos wideout David Anderson said Tebow was the worst quarterback he played with in his six-year career.

“His mechanics really throw you off as a receiver because you’re not really sure when the ball is coming,” Anderson said, via Sports Illustrated.

And for as hard as Tebow was known to work, Anderson believed the former Heisman winner would always be confined to a limited playbook.

“You couldn’t switch up the personnel with Tim Tebow,“ Anderson said. “It was a two-tight, two receiver football game with him and he wasn’t able to throw the ball downfield and he wasn’t able to throw the football in the middle of the field, and he was really limited in creating plays with his feet, because you can’t do that as much as you can in college. You just can’t, you’re going to get sacked and you’re going to lose. You can’t overcome third-and-7’s and third-and-8’s as often as you can in college.”

With all that said, if, even as a loyal Broncos fan, you don’t remember the name David Anderson, there’s a reason: He never played a game for the Denver Broncos. In fact, he barely spent a month on the team’s practice squad — 35 days to be exact.

So, take his criticism for what it’s worth.