Four men selling counterfeit Denver Broncos merchandise have been brought to justice.

Former Colorado Springs police officer David Henrichsen pled guilty to one count of computer crime to commit theft in Adams District Court on Wednesday, and was fined $7,500. He was the last of four people to be sentenced.

Henrichsen, along with Marc Misko, Mitchell Misko, and Glenn Ford, operated an illegal enterprise selling Broncos, as well as several other Colorado professional and college sports team’s merchandise that was falsely identified as authentic , at the Mile High Flea Market from November 2006 until January 2015.

“Counterfeiting branded merchandise is not a victimless crime,” said John Eisert, special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations Denver, who teamed with the District Attorney’s Office to conduct a joint investigation. “Counterfeits produce inferior products; they steal American jobs; and they support criminal organizations. These prosecutions of counterfeiters helps deter other potential counterfeiters.”