Former Rockies pitcher Jason Hirsh talked with Mile High Sports Radio’s Eric Goodman and Zach Fogg (AM 1340) about the recent pandemonium in Colorado baseball. He discussed the Tulo trade, what was received out of the trade and most shockingly, saying that the common theory about altitude affecting pitching is just an excuse.

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Obviously the Rockies are in desperate need for some strong and consistent pitchers but it has been often said that pitching in Colorado’s high altitude affects pitching, even after the balls used at Coors Field have been stored in a humidor. That theory has made getting good pitchers into Colorado a difficult task. However, a former pitcher that spent a lot of nights on the mound at Coors Field believes that notion is just an excuse.

“In my personal opinion, it is a massive excuse. I think we’ve done a pretty good job of finding excuses of why you can’t pitch here instead of figuring out how you can,” said Hirsh.

Hirsh continues to give examples of how visiting team’s pitchers can come into the park and have no problems throwing a solid game.

“Other players come into the stadium and they don’t have a problem. Guys like Johnny Cueto, has come in earlier this year, guys like Zack Greinke, Clayton Kershaw,  Tim Lincecum, Madison Bumgarner and they’ve never had a problem pitching here at Coors Field,” said Hirsh.

He does admit that there are affects that the altitude does have on the ball, but it is up to the pitcher to take those things into consideration and the pitcher takes accountability, there should be no huge difference pitching here than in any other park.

When it comes to the pitchers the Rockies acquired out of the Tulo trade, Hirsh believes that is a good start of where the team needs to head.

“Those three guys are upper 90’s fastballs with some good secondary pitches, I think that’s the kind of direction the Rockies are moving forward and hopefully get rid of the excuse that you can’t pitch at altitude.”

One of the current Rockies pitchers that has more success out of Coors Field this season, could be the at the center of the Rockies pitching for the younger generation of the pitchers to come to idolize. That pitcher is Jorge De La Rosa.

“De La has been the most consistent pitcher at Coors Field I think that we’ve seen in at least a decade. This is a guy who goes out and dominates in a place where people say you can’t dominate,” Hirsh said. “He’s a guy who has figured out how to pitch here at Coors Field and that can definitely be a role model for younger guys who are trying to figure their way through the Coors Field conundrum.”

Coming from the mouth of a former Rockies pitcher preaching that pitching at altitude is not as difficult as everyone believes it to be, is a big deal. If more pitchers are willing to come to Colorado, then the likelihood of getting an ace pitcher, that is so desperately needed, could be more possible.

Sabrina Naccarato, a Mile High Sports intern and MSU-Denver student, contributed to this report