According to documents obtained by WBIR-TV in Tennessee, former Rockies first baseman Todd Helton was charged with driving under the influence on March 18th. The incident took place in Knox County, Tennessee.

In February 2013, Helton was charged with DUI in Thornton.

The police report states that Helton crashed his 2019 Ford F-150 into a steel telephone pole after leaving the roadway. Helton told officers that he had taken an Ambien approximately four hours prior to the incident. Officers also observed a plastic cup in his truck which “had the odor  of an alcoholic beverage inside of the cup.”

Helton was taken to a nearby medical center for evaluation and a blood test after the crash.

A statement that was released by Helton’s attorney, Stephen Ross Johnson, states that Helton is currently in a residential treatment program outside of East Tennessee. “He realizes there are parts of his behavior that need to change, and he is focused on doing just that,” the statement says.

The arraignment for Helton is scheduled for April 1.