The Colorado Rockies are having arguably the best season in the history of the franchise. With a 58-42 record, Colorado is in prime position to make the postseason for the first time in seven seasons; however, they need to bolster their pitching staff to make their hopes and dreams a reality.

Collectively, Colorado’s pitching staff has held down the fort this year, but there have been signs for concern moving forward.

Outside of the stellar month of May, Colorado’s pitching staff has seen alarming spikes in their ERA.

April: 4.58 ERA (26th in baseball)
May: 3.91 ERA (7th in baseball)
June: 5.05 ERA (22nd in baseball)
July-to-date: 5.54 ERA (27th in baseball)

The fact of the matter is that the Rockies staff is good. But they are also young, inconsistent, and in need of an arm to help shore things up as the season rolls along and the pressure starts to pile on.

So without further ado here’s a look at four arms that could be game-changers for the Colorado Rockies as the July 31 trade deadline approaches.

1. AJ Ramos

Career Stats: 6.6 WAR, 2.80 ERA 

The Rockies have expressed interest in Ramos, according to Patrick Saunders of The Denver Post. With the Rockies trending up and the Miami Marlins potentially preparing for a full-blown rebuild, a deal makes both sense for both clubs.

The Rockies are looking to acquire controllable and durable pitching at this season’s deadline. While the asking price will be high, he’s an ideal fit for the back end of games for Colorado.

Currently serving as the Marlin’s closer, Ramos would be a nice complementary piece for Colorado along side the MLB’s saves leader, Greg Holland.

Ramos received his first All-Star bid last season after recording 40 saves paired with his ERA of 2.81. Although his ERA has spiked to 3.86 this year, he has still been an efficient and reliable relief pitcher over his entire career.

At 30-years-old Ramos has a considerable amount of experience and understands how to find success while pitching at the major league level, something that could be important if he were to make the jump to Coors Field.

Ramos is an established arm who has never let his end-of-season ERA slip past three in his career. In addition, he’s under contract through the 2018 season via arbitration.

2. Addison Reed

Career Stats: 6.2 WAR, 3.38 ERA

The New York Mets are a mess this season, and with that, their most-valuable trade chip is drawing interest from a many different ball clubs.

Reed, 28, is the most logical option on the market for the Rockies because of immediate impact and low price tag.

Since being acquired by the Mets ahead of their run to the 2015 World Series, Reed has been the teams best and most consistent pitcher.

While in New York, Reed has developed into one of the most versatile relief pitchers in the game. Acting as a setup man for the Mets last season, Reed ended the year with an ERA of 1.97.

This season, with presumed closer Jeryus Familia missing time due to legal matters and injuries, Reed has taken the reins of the Mets’ closing job and has thrived in the role, converting 16 of the 18 save opportunities he’s had this season.

His ability to pitch in different situations would be a valuable addition for the Rockies.

Colorado has been a streaky ball club of late. Some games they jump out to gigantic leads, and in others, they fall behind within an inning. With this, the Rockies bullpen has been forced to act in different roles, and as a result, they have struggled, owning an ERA of 7.20 since the All-Star break.

Reed’s adaptability is exactly what Colorado needs. He’s under contract through this season but is a much more viable option for the Rockies to pursue concerning actual dollars and prospects.

3. Lance Lynn

Career Stats: 13.4 WAR, 3.36 ERA 

While the Rockies primary focus is the bullpen, they should not shy away from considering an upgrade within the starting rotation. While Colorado’s starting five have been solid for the most part, they are the youngest in the National League and need some help.

If the Rockies decide to trade for a starter, Lance Lynn should be at the top of their list.

Lynn, 30, gives the Rockies everything they are looking for this season. With an ERA of 3.30 on this season, he has bounced back nicely a year removed from Tommy John surgery.

Lynn would likely be a half a season rental, but if the Rockies want to win now, he should be the primary arm they target ahead of the trade deadline. He’s a free agent following this season, which could work to the Rockies advantage in trade talks.

A former All-Star and World Series Champion, Lynn would give the Rockies rotation an added sense of maturity in addition to a proven starter who has experienced success in pressure situations.

Lynn would be an ideal fit to help give the Rockies rotation a much-needed boost.

4. Sonny Gray

Career Stats: 11.5 WAR, 3.45 ERA 

Sonny Gray’s name has been thrown around in trade rumors for years, but it seems like this could finally be the year he is dealt. With the A’s in rough shape and controllable starting pitching valued at a premium, it makes sense for Oakland to flip the 27-year-old this season.

Gray is probably the most-attractive pitcher on the market right now. The price to acquire him is a steep one for the Rockies, but if they are looking for a win-now move that also plays into the future, Gray is the guy they should go after.

Gray would help legitimize the Colorado’s rotation and would give them a true front of the line starter.

In a division that features Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke, two arms the Rockies could face if they make the postseason, Colorado could use a proven commodity to help counterpunch some of their opponents aces.

It will cost a lot to acquire Gray, but a price the Rockies could pay if they see fit. A deal for Gray would likely require Riley Pint and Brendan Rodgers, two of Colorado’s top prospects.

Gray is available, and while the Rockies have not yet been linked to him, he is still a potential option. With the postseason looking like it could be a reality this season, Colorado can justify trading away future talent for Gray to help in the present and the future.