Whatever your prediction, the Broncos are going to be entertaining. Green Chili, hot wings, a cold one with friends and ultimately an amusement of leisure is the only certain element to this 2016 Broncos season.

Win, lose, or a change at QB, we will find things that will make us smile and chuckle, if only for a moment, before we go back to fretting about the outcome.

So here is hoping that the Broncos will go undefeated and repeat, but if it doesn’t happen, and things go wrong, here are some great ways to entertain yourself, while watching our orange and blue.

Von Miller Sack Dance: (Please DO TRY THIS AT HOME.)

Von Miller, possibly the most electric defensive player in all of the NFL, is something to be watched and enjoyed. Very few people have ever had a summer like the Super Bowl 50 MVP just had. Dancing with the Stars, $70 million guaranteed, endorsements, and invitations to every talk show in America. Von got his, and now we get to watch this hip-thrusting sack monster for the next few years.

Get some butter on that popcorn and cover the young one’s eyes; it’s going to be a show.

Nickel Plated vs. Nickel Corner

Ever been shot? Me neither, but Aqib Talib has.

Now Mr. Talib is going to play football with a hole in his leg. NOW THAT’S APPOINTMENT TELEVISION.

Say what you will about Aqib, but he’s talented and can bring some attitude and fire to the Broncos defense, and he was, IN FACT, somehow shot in the leg.

Dude’s got a hole in his leg; I’m going to see how this plays out.

Gary Kubiak‘s Black Hair Turns Grey

Ever see what happens to a President after a term or two? I imagine Gary Kubiak might have a touch of grey by season’s end.

Take a before and after picture of coach Kubes and see what happens to a coach who has to rely on a couple of quarterbacks who haven’t thrown a pass in the NFL before.

If the hair doesn’t change, I smell conspiracy … and product.

Lynch Blocks

Paxton Lynch is going to play at some point during the 2016 season. So, we might as well gamble on it.

Make a board, call your friends and charge per square. Will it be Week 5 when the Falcons come to town? Will it be Week 12 against the Chiefs after the bye? Will it be at halftime opening night against Carolina?

At this point we don’t know, but you can hear the fans already chanting:


So, here is to another great season, and thank you Denver Broncos. You are winners, but above all, you are entertaining,