It’s official: Fall has arrived. The pools that brought summer joy are now closed until next summer, while sprinklers and water toys have been stored away. Now the leaves are beginning to change colors and soon it’ll be time to bring out rakes and leaf blowers. Your favorite coffee shop has probably already added pumpkin-spiced and apple-flavored treats to its menu, and hot summer days seem like a distant memory. One positive thing about the cooler evening temperatures is the variety of autumnal activities that can be fueled by propane. Whether it’s grilling, sitting around a fire table, or heating your back patio with heat lamps, there’s a use for propane. The biggest issue, of course, has always been the hassle to taking your used propane tank to a store for an exchange. Now you don’t have to. With propane delivery by Cynch, getting propane delivered to your home is stress-free and on your schedule.

The fine folks at Cynch are the best in the business when it comes to propane delivery. They’ll head to your home, pick up your used tank, haul it away, and leave a fresh tank wherever you need it, including your front doorstep, porch, or driveway. You won’t have to stress out about lugging the tank to the store.  You won’t have to carve out a chunk of your day to do the exchange yourself. Cynch will deliver a fresh propane tank to fuel your backyard entertaining needs. New Cynch customers, can get their first tank exchange delivered for just $10 by using our promo code MILEHIGH at checkout. It’s worth noting that your first Cynch tank exchange will cost less than half of what you’d pay for an exchange at your local hardware or convenience store. It takes just 5 easy steps to have your propane tank(s) delivered right to your door. Go to and:

    1. Enter your zip code.
    2. Order your tanks with promo code MILEHIGH.
    3. Choose a delivery date.
    4. Place your used tank(s) outside for exchange.

It’s a straightforward process that fits your schedule with no need to disrupt your life.

The Fall is perhaps the best season of the year. College and pro football are entering the second month of their regular seasons, while baseball is gearing up for the playoffs. The puck has dropped for preseason hockey and basketball isn’t far away.

You might be the kind of grill master who will gladly flip burgers and grill steaks until it snows. Perhaps you just enjoy sitting around the fire table under the stars with family and friends. Either way, leisure is the name of the game. Propane delivery by Cynch will take one of the biggest stresses off your plate by exchanging your use propane tank for a fresh tank at your home on your schedule.

Given all of the fun autumnal activities to take advantage of, it’s possible you’ll need multiple propane tanks to fuel your grill, fire table, and patio lamps. We’ve got good news! Cynch will deliver as many propane tanks as you need to fuel your activities with no exchange required for just $59.99.

Grillers and chillers alike can appreciate the functionality of propane. It’s perfect for spontaneous get-togethers, allowing for friends and family to swing by for a chat around the fire without having to chop a single piece of wood. Grilling is simple as well. If you happen to swing by the grocery store on your way home from work and grab a few steaks for a special dinner, propane provides a clean and consistent heat.

The fine folks at Cynch are the masters in utilizing propane in a variety of ways. Their amazingly affordable propane delivery service is stress-free and on your schedule.

Cynch will work to make your propane delivery hassle-free. Get your backyard prepared for your autumnal activities all while Cynch does the hard work of exchanging your propane tank. Head to to get started. Give them a try today using our promo code MILEHIGH. *

*Plus sales tax where applicable. Valid through 12/31/21. Offer valid in Cynch service areas only. Certain restrictions apply.