Through the first two weeks of the preseason, the Denver Broncos led the entire league in pass attempts. Through the fist two drives of the third preseason game, the Denver Broncos didn’t have one.

An odd decision for a team in the midst of a heated quarterback battle, especially when each of those drives ended in a quick three-and-out.

Eventually, after nearly 14 minutes of game time, Trevor Siemian would attempt his first pass of the night, an incompletion to Demaryius Thomas.

The Broncos eventually got their passing game going in the second quarter (when the Rams took out their first-string defense), with Siemian finishing with 122 yards and a touchdown on 10-17 passing.

But the numbers don’t tell the whole story.

While Siemian finished with one interception (which probably should have been overturned), there were several more that should have been picked, one of which was a sure-fire pick-six.

The Broncos won the game, but it wasn’t pretty.

The good news is that the passing game wasn’t pretty last year, either. Still, asking the Broncos to repeat what they did last season is a tall task.