It started with a kneel, but ended up being something much more profound. Last season, Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall took a stand. Now, he is being recognized for his efforts.

On Monday, Marshall took to Twitter to announce that he will receive the 2017 Alumni of Color Conference (AOCC) Courage Award. It is set to be awarded during the Alumni of Color’s 2017 Conference at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Marshall was thrust into the spotlight after joining former college teammate Colin Kaepernick in kneeling for the national anthem prior to games; a gesture done to protest social injustice. Despite losing sponsorships, he would kneel for seven games.

Marshall’s actions fueled a much larger conversation, which saw him meet with Denver Police Department’s Chief of Police, politicians and community leaders. He pledged to donate $300 to local charities for each tackle he made. His 52 tackles would equate to $15,600.

Marshall would again stand for the national anthem after Denver Police announced that they would revise their use-of-force policy. According the the press release, he has also championed women’s rights and served as an advocate for survivors of domestic violence.