Listen to “Patrick Roy Stories With Ryan Boulding” on Spreaker.

Aarif Deen and J.J. Jerez of Mile High Sports are joined by Ryan Boulding of and co-host of The Hockey Show on Mile High Sports Radio. The guys look back at what’s changed within the organization since Ryan worked for the team from 2014-16. They talk about the evolution from a franchise without an identity to being one of the NHL’s best. They then shift to the recent news about Patrick Roy wanting back in the NHL as a head coach. And from there, Ryan shares several stories of his time working and interacting with Roy. He touches on Roy’s sudden resignation, the Alumni Game at Coors Field and his general demeanor as a coach. All that and more on this long offseason edition of Hockey Mountain High: Your go-to Avalanche Podcast.

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Recorded: June 11, 2023, at 2:30 pm. MT