Editor’s note: The following story is from the Preps issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. Click here to read the full digital issue. 

Holy Family Senior Ava Kuszak will graduate as one of the most decorated female athletes in Holy Family High School history. She has earned 11 varsity letters and has been a part of four state title teams (3 softball, 1 soccer). She will continue her softball career at the University of  Wisconsin this fall and is the latest Tiger to thrive both on the field and in the classroom.

Kuszak has been entrenched in the Catholic school community for quite some time and leaves a legacy that many future Tigers will look towards when roaming the halls and athletic facilities of Holy Family High School. 

Q: What has a Catholic education meant to you? 

A: I went to Nativity before coming to Holy Family. Going to Catholic schools has allowed me to grow in my faith and education. Although I will not be taking religion classes in college, growth in my religion is still important to me. In choosing Wisconsin, faith played a significant role. My future coaches and my teammates not only have a love for softball but love for faith. Holy Family showed me how to manage my academics with my athletics. I feel better prepared for juggling my faith, academics, and athletics next year at Wisconsin. 

Q: What does being one of the most decorated female athlete to ever come through Holy Family mean to you? 

A: I am blessed. I hope it shows future female athletes at Holy Family that anyone can do it. I hope they dream as big as I do. When I came here, I wanted to challenge myself and play as many sports as possible. I also wanted to win. My teammates and coaches also wanted to win, and we’re not afraid of the hard work it took. This made us unstoppable. 

Q: What is your favorite championship memory? 

A: The 2021 state championships for soccer and softball. We were underdogs in both. One of the best feelings in sports is proving people who didn’t believe in you wrong. No one expected girls soccer to win our first-ever state championship, and no one expected it for my senior softball season. I will never forget the feeling when we won. The joy on all our faces made it the most memorable year ever. 

Q: Being a three-sport athlete is no easy feat; what has been your secret to success? 

A: I’m blessed to have parents that allowed me to play whatever sport my heart desired and coaches that were patient with my schedule. My parents taught me to manage my time and never quit. Learning that has allowed me to have a cumulative GPA of 4.0, play three sports, and work at Broomfield Community Center and Paul Derda Rec Center. I love being busy, and I’m grateful my parents pushed me, practiced with me, and helped me get to where I am today. 

Q: The Colorado Sportswomen’s Hall of Fame recently honored you as the All-Around Athlete for 2021; what does that mean to you?

A: When I found out I won, I was speechless. Receiving this award is an amazing feeling. It is proof to all younger female athletes that you can play any sport and excel no matter what. The award is more significant than just me – female athletes in Colorado should be recognized for their outstanding accomplishments.