Admit it. You wouldn’t change a thing.

If you were John Elway, you’d sign Aqib Talib in a heartbeat. Even with hindsight being 20/20.

Oh, sure. It’s too easy to say you wouldn’t. Now. You’re not a win-at-all-costs person. None of us thinks we are.

But knowing everything – everything – we also know that as of Tuesday morning, everybody involved in the shooting that occurred in Dallas over the weekend is okay. We don’t know who was at fault. We don’t even know who did what – there are conflicting reports (kind of), as Talib’s initial statements to police don’t jive with the official Dallas Police Department report, which may or may not match up with other well-sourced reports from BSN’s Sam Cowick and 9News’ Mike Klis. But we do know that Aqib Talib is okay. It’s a serious situation, but nobody died.

That’s not meant to downplay the severity of whatever happened, but it’s the truth. And because we know that, and everything else we know about Aqib Talib and what he’s done on his own and for the Denver Broncos up to this point, we’d sign him again, and again, and again.

This is not to say we approve of Talib’s actions. We don’t. We know that whatever happened, shouldn’t have. If his wounds were accidental and self-inflicted, we know he shouldn’t have been carrying around a gun, certainly not while under the influence of alcohol. If he was shot by someone else, we’ll all ask the same thing: “Why was there in the first place?” We’ve all been told a million times: Nothing good happens after midnight, especially if you’re young and rich and in an environment where drinking is involved. These are truths we can all agree on.

And we can also agree that Talib, while seemingly a great guy (there’s no denying he’s a media favorite; he’s personable, funny, accommodating and honest), has had a history of questionable behavior. Prior to signing with Denver, Aqib built a lengthy history of trouble both on and off the field. As recently as April 2015, again in Dallas, the Dallas Police Department investigated Talib and his actions outside of another night club; that investigation was suspended because there wasn’t enough evidence. During this past season, he was suspended one game after gouging the Colts’ Dwayne Allen in the eye. And in the Super Bowl, he incurred a violent facemask penalty that ultimately resulted in a $26,000 fine.

But hey, it was the Super Bowl. And it saved a touchdown. You only get so many chances to win a Super Bowl.

Sure, the eye-gouging was completely uncalled for – he lost his cool and no, it wasn’t cool – but the play in Super Bowl was, if we’re all being true Broncos fans, smart. Forget that Carolina eventually scored – the penalty really only cost the Broncos a little more than a yard – the idea was correct. Save the touchdown. Take the fine – later. Give the greatest defense, maybe in the history of the NFL, another shot to get a stop. Outside we say it was dirty. Inside we all thought, “Hey, remember Earnest Byner and Jeremiah Castille…”

We all wanted that Super Bowl. We wanted it for Denver. For Peyton. And John Elway’s decision to ink Talib to a six-year, $57 million contract was a great one – even knowing what we knew about Talib’s past. In fact, he was exactly what the 2013 Broncos – a team that was considered too soft, too finesse and not brash enough – needed. They needed a guy with an edge.

Well, we got him. And it’s probably safe to say that without him, the Broncos don’t win Super Bowl 50.

We can say we want a team full of Boy Scouts and exemplary citizens. And we really do believe that. But deep down, we’d choose winning it all – even if doing so involves a blemish here and there – every day and twice on Sunday.

Quick: You get to pick one team in Denver to keep – the Rockies or Broncos. Who do you choose? Which team’s jersey do you buy your kid? The Rockies roster is packed with solid guys. It’s rare –outside of Jose Reyes, who is a player who was on his way out before he ever got in – that Rockies are in trouble. The Broncos have a ton of great guys, too. Peyton Manning, DeMarcus Ware, Demaryius Thomas – the list could go on and on. But summers in Denver, at least of late, come with some kind of news we don’t want to hear. Von Miller. Derek Wolfe. T.J. Ward. Aqib Talib. Now, that doesn’t mean they’re bad guys, but it’s also fair to question some of their actions. But damn they’re good players.

Which team? You know the answer.

Winning can be done with both good guys and bad guys. In the history of sports, championships have been awarded to all types. In a perfect world, we’d win, and we’d win with a roster full of solid people.

But in the end, we’d choose winning. Period.

It’s too late to second-guess bringing in – or keeping – a guy like Aqib Talib (you know, his fully guaranteed 2016 salary represents a $11.5 million dead cap hit). He’s the same guy he was when the Broncos signed him.

And you wouldn’t change a thing.