Coming off a Super Bowl win you would think the Denver Broncos would be satisfied., especially with how exceptional their defense is and the talent that they have on offense. You would think they would enjoy the ride of being the defending world champs.

Instead, the Broncos are treating this season like any other and are hungry to get back to the Super Bowl. With as much talent and greatness their roster possesses, there is always room for improvement.

Just listen to what the team has to say about improvements:

Joe Decamillis on the biggest area of improvement for special teams

“You always have changes, just like we talked about. It’s getting that continuity as quick as possible. The other thing is just really making sure that we keep the tradition going that was started last year. I thought they did a great job of covering. They played fast. They did things smart. We want to continue that as much as we can.”

Wade Phillips on areas where he wants to see improvement

“We were outstanding and one of the legendary defenses of our time. I told them, I said, ‘We want to get better, certainly, but you’re not going to get better than winning the Super Bowl.’ That’s the goal that you reached last year and you have to try and reach again. But you can get better as a player and you can get better scheme-wise. We can do those things better for them. I think individually you’re always trying to get better coaching-wise and playing-wise. That’s what our goal is.”

Wade Phillips on giving the players offseason improvement lists

“They know we’re honest with them. We’re honest when we tell them, ‘Hey, you did a good job’ on something. We’re honest when we say, ‘Hey, you can better if you do this better.’ We told them that there are a couple of things like when they run a ‘stag,’ we’re going to change up how we play that every time so that can help you guys do better. It’s all of those.”

Wade Phillips on how DE Derek Wolfe can improve

“He had a tremendous year last year, and the same thing with him. In the playoffs, he played tremendous. Sack-wise, I think he had five straight games where he had a sack. He really came on toward the end of the year and was really our dominant inside player. He’s always been a good run player, at least for us this last year he was a tremendous run-player. Toward the end of the year he was getting after the quarterback really well. I look for him to take up where he left off.”

Sylvester Williams on how he can improve this season

“I want to play more snaps than I did last year. I think last year I played around 50 percent of the snaps. I want to obviously improve on that. I think I have to opportunity to if I keep working. My biggest thing is just make more plays—make big-time plays for this team and just keep working hard every day. Also taking on double teams and just doing my job.”