Denver Broncos players, coaches and football staff received their Super Bowl 50 championship rings at a private ceremony held at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

The top of the ring features the Super Bowl 50 logo, the Denver Broncos logo and the three Lombardi Trophies that the Broncos have won on a field of pave-set diamonds.

The Bronco mane is created from orange sapphires while the head is made up of pave-set diamonds and a custom-cut corundum blue stone.

The sides of the ring each contain 56 stones to represent the 56 year history of the Denver Broncos. The top and bottom edges feature 15 stones to represent the Broncos 15 wins during the 2015 season. One side features the player’s name and number with a crown that again represents the teams three Super Bowl titles as well as eight round stones on top of the crown that represent the team’s eight AFC Championships.

The other side of the ring features the words, “DENVER BRONCOS” above the Lombardi Trophy along with a banner that reads “THIS ONE’S FOR PAT” to honor owner Pat Bowlen.

Listen to what the player’s had to say about the ring.

C.J. Anderson on what his ring signifies

“Missing guys earlier in the season; switching out O-Lineman; switching out running backs. Losing our Hall of Fame quarterback for seven weeks. It’s just amazing. That’s what the ring shows. It shows the grind, the grit and then the last game, of course, playing the Panthers. A hell of a football club but just the grind we showed [by] getting to the quarterback, making tough catches.”

Anderson on what the ring means to him personally

“Everybody dreams of winning the Super Bowl growing up, but when it really happens and you really sit there, you’re kind of speechless. I’m just going to enjoy this. Enjoy it, love it.”

Peyton Manning on what the ring means

“This is a culmination of a lot of hard work and a lot of teamwork this year. It obviously represents great history of the Denver Broncos. It’s got their AFC Championship rings, it’s got their three Lombardi Trophies, and of course has the message that this one’s for [Owner] Mr. [Pat] Bowlen. So obviously—his health issues—it’s very special to win that championship for him and his family this year. It’s very special. These don’t go away. I pulled out my Indianapolis Colts ring tonight. Hadn’t worn it in nine years. I wore it for about two weeks after we received our rings in the summer of 2007, and then I’ve had it in storage. So I pulled it out tonight. [The Broncos’ ring] is more than twice the size. In 10 years, these rings will blow out someone’s shoulder. It’s very special. I can remember nine years ago, taking the pictures with my teammates. I’ve got great pictures already with Von Miller, Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, Coach [Gary] Kubiak, John Elway. I got one with Ashley [Manning]. So these memories don’t go away. I’m very honored and grateful.”

Von Miller on what his ring means to him

“I see a lot of stuff. I see my teammates. I see the struggle to get here. Eleven games won within seven points or less. Guys getting injured and guys stepping up. Guys writing us off and all the pregame speeches. Sitting on the sideline, wanting to get back in and make a play. I see the organization on here. The organization has done so much for all of us to put us in this position. It’s a culmination of a lot of things. It’s something that I’ll keep with me for the rest of my life.”

DeMarcus Ware on what the ring means to him

“I think this ring symbolizes winning the Super Bowl and being the champs, but also what the word team means everyone just coming together during the season and saying we have one standard and we have one goal, and that’s being champions. This is the jewel that you get at the end.”

Ware on finally getting a Super Bowl ring

“I’ve been in the league almost 12 years now. To have an opportunity to say the whole team, not just you as an individual, but the whole team came together and was able to pull it off—I had been to a couple of playoff games where we lost, but now you get to hoist that trophy up at the end of the game with your teammates. You sort of thing of the offseason and the blood sweat and tears and everything it took. It wasn’t just one guy. It took everybody to get to where we are.”

Derek Wolfe on what he thinks about when he sees his ring

“I think of just the hard work that it took to get to this point and all of the adversity that this team had to go through. It’s been a long trip and a long road, and we just go through it.”