There was once a time in Denver Broncos history when offensive linemen refused to speak with the media. While some of the big men in charge of protecting the quarterback and opening up holes for the running game remain standoffish, rookie left tackle Garett Bolles is not one of them.

Just like he’s unafraid to take on some of the best pass rushers in the NFL, he doesn’t shy away from a microphone. The former Utah Ute is as affable off the field as he is tenacious on it.

From the moment he became a Bronco, Bolles hasn’t shied away from an interview, and on Wednesday he met with the media despite sporting a butchered haircut thanks to the veterans and coming off an up-and-down showing against the 49ers in Preseason Week 2. As always, Bolles was candid and had plenty to say. (Quotes courtesy of Broncos Media Relations.)

On rookie haircuts

“It’s whatever. It’s just something that you have to do as a rookie. It’s something that shows the vets that you care and that you can ride and die with this organization. You just have to put a smile on your face. It’s something that they’ve been doing for years. I’m happy. It doesn’t matter. It’s football. Football is football. Just because you have a funky looking haircut doesn’t mean you can’t come out here and compete and do what you need to do to get better.”

On what his family thought of his haircut

“My wife, when I came home, thought I was scary. It was pretty funny. My son still recognized me, which is a good thing – my deep voice. Other than that, it’s just a haircut. Hair grows back.”

On being named the starting left tackle

“Still not there yet. I still have a lot of work. I have two preseason games I have to finish. If I’m still there by Week 1, then we can talk. Other than that, I have other things I have to worry about. Just making sure I played the best I can and protect [QB] Trevor [Siemian] with all my heart, and for him to know that I have his back so he can step in the pocket and make plays. We’re right where we need to be. I’m excited to see what happens.”

On the difference between collegiate football and the NFL

“In college, guys move and things like that. I think the biggest transition is knowing the different blitzes that come and the different things that come with being in the NFL. Being consistent with everything that you do. I feel like coming out here and going against [OLB] Von Miller and [OLB] Shane Ray and all those guys – [OLB] Shaquil [Barrett] is back. It’s good to have him back and healthy. That speed is already there. I already see it every single day. When we play on Saturday, and soon to be Sundays, nothing changes. There are some guys that are going to be a little bit faster, but I feel like, I’m getting in my groove. Everything is starting to click. I’ll be right where I need to be Week 1.

On having multiple penalties in the last preseason game

“I’m not going to stop playing my game. Things happen, but I’m never going to change the way I play. I’m never going to change the way I bring my energy. But, I do have a lot to work on. I’m going to fix those things, but I’m never going to change. If I change, then I’m not doing to be who I am. I’m here for a reason. I’m the player I am and I finish people and I come off the ball. That’s why they brought me here. They needed push up front. They wouldn’t have brought me here if they didn’t think I could do that. I’m just going to continue to work, fix the little things I need to work on, be more consistent, and just get ready to play.”

On how he plans to improve daily

“You just have to find your groove. Where I got drafted compared to where I’m at now, I’ve been blessed. They brought me in here, they wanted me to compete and I had to learn fast. But I’m a very big visual learner, so coming out here, doing walk-throughs and seeing my mistakes is something that helps me improve every single day. I’m not saying I’m where I need to be, but I’m on the right track to get where I want to be. I just continue to work hard every single day and know that I have guys to the left and right of me. I have an amazing quarterback that is going to do what he needs to do to get the ball to [WR Demaryius Thomas] D.T. and [WR] Emmanuel [Sanders] and those guys and [RB] C.J. [Anderson]. The running backs are going to hit the holes and we’re going to put a really good season together.”