The Denver Broncos lost second-year running back Devontae Booker to a hairline wrist fracture on the eve of training camp. The Broncos’ leading rusher last season, Booker will undergo surgery on Friday. The team is hopeful he will return by Week 1 of the regular season.

Following the morning practice on the first day of camp, head coach Vance Joseph and members of the running backs corps spoke on Booker’s injury and the impact it will have.

Here’s a quick rundown of what they had to say, courtesy of Broncos media relations.

Head Coach Vance Joseph

On RB Devontae Booker’s injury

“Booker had a wrist injury late in OTAs. It was a small injury; it was a little sore but it wasn’t serious. He went away for the summer and had trouble bench pressing. It was really sore when he braced the bar. He was doing his camp physical on Wednesday and he was still a little sore, nothing serious but we X-Ray’d it and it was a wrist fracture. It’s obviously been there for a couple of months, we didn’t know and he didn’t know so we X-Ray’d it and it needs surgery. He’s having surgery Friday. He’s going to be out six weeks and that’s the story, that’s it.”

On if he thought Booker hid his injury

“No he didn’t hide it. It was a football nick he thought; it wasn’t anything serious. He went home for the summer, he couldn’t bench press, he came back, we X-ray’d it and it was fractured. He can play with this, but the concern is his long-term health. That bone can die and his hand can be messed up forever, so we didn’t want that for the kid.”

On RB De’Angelo Henderson’s role

“We’re in camp, we’ve got five guys working there-nothing changes. I feel bad for Booker because he’s put so much work in and he’s ready to make a push. He had a great spring, but outside of that nothing changes for us.”

Note: The Broncos added veteran running back Stevan Ridley ahead of their afternoon practice

Running Back C.J. Anderson

On Booker’s injury

“For a kid to work hard and you see the difference between Year 1 and Year 2, you see the big jump. You see that he’s a lot more concentrated. He’s a lot more focused and putting time in the playbook, just to have a little set back like that, it’s definitely disappointing for him. We have a job to do out there, and when he comes back, his spot will definitely be warm and ready for him.”

On how the running backs plan to step up without Booker

“[RB] De’Angelo [Henderson] is going to have a shot. People forget that [RB] Juwan [Thompson] can play. People forget that. Juwan can play. This is giving me the opportunity to make some plays. Our whole goal is to not let anyone else go down in our room. We’re easing [RB] Jamaal [Charles] in slowly, and now Book is not with us, so there’s really like four of us. We don’t want to lose anyone else in our room and then things get a little more complicated.”

Running Back De’Angelo Henderson

On his reaction to Booker’s injury

“It was an unfortunate event, hopefully he recovers quick because he’s a high talent and we need him.”

On what Booker’s injury means to his opportunity 

“There’s more reps and more opportunity. I’m going to maximize everything I get and see what happens.”