The Denver Broncos opened training camp to a massive crowd of fans and media. Following practice, head coach Gary Kubiak met with the media to talk about what it was like being back on the field in front of the orange and blue faithful.

Here are some of the highlights…

Gary Kubiak: “You walk out here this morning and see the support that this organization has and that this football team has. It’s outstanding.”

Kubiak: “We went for about an hour and 40 minutes and then we backed off and walked through for about a half hour. I like the way we came back and [we had] a good frame of mind. One thing about football, once you get going, you get started real quick and it doesn’t take long to realize you’re back in the battle of camp.”

Kubiak: “(Demaryius Thomas)’s got a long way to go to catch up mentally. But boy, I’ll be honest, I had no idea he was that big. Remember now, I haven’t seen him. But he is a big, good-looking guy. He’s got to do a lot of catch up work from a mental standpoint. Physically, we’re going to bring him along slowly.”

Kubiak: “One of the ways that I’ve set up camp this year that I’ve never done before, we’ve actually got three meeting times in a day instead of two. We’re meeting in the morning, we’re meeting at lunch and we’re meeting at night. I think this team needs refreshers on our schemes and those type of things on a consistent basis.”

Kubiak: “(Antonio Smith)’s got a funeral tomorrow, which I’ve known about. So he will miss tomorrow and will be right back on Sunday. I think we’re probably looking at maybe four days to a week before (he will be ready to practice fully), but then it will be a process as we work through. I know he knows our defense and all those types of things. I’m just concerned about the total conditioning part.”

Kubiak: “(Ty Sambrailo)’s very bright. I think football scheme, all of those things—I made a comment, he’ll be a quick study as a pro and he is. He’s going to be fine there. I think it’s going to be about technique. Playing with an anchor, doing those type of things, he’s got to get better at. But he’ll go against two of the best every day in practice, so that gives him a chance to get there real fast.”