During the final day of Broncos three-day mandatory veteran mini camp, head coach Gary Kubiak, defensive coordinator Wade Phillips and special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis, all took to the podium and discussed a variety of topics on the final day of the mini camp.

Here are the highlights:

Kubiak: [On the three-day mini camp] “I thought it was really good. We had a purpose and that purpose was to work our older players very, very hard in individual—a lot of conditioning work, individual work. We got a lot of teaching done from a walkthrough standpoint and yet, our young players got a bunch of reps late in the day. So, I think we continue to improve with our young guys. That’s our mission right now before we walk out of here next week and we’ll come back next week. We’ve got a good four days so it’s been good.”

Phillips: [On if he is comfortable with the defensive line depth] “I think we have four guys that have really shown up real well, but we still need a couple more to step up. You need six, maybe seven, and we’ve got some other possibilities.”

DeCamillis: [On coaching a special teams group that is so fluid this time of year] “I’m constantly in contact with everybody on the staff. Coach Kubiak does a great job of informing us of how they’re ranked, where they’re at offensively and defensively. That’s how you have to go through training camp and go through these parts, is find out where they’re ranked. Because that’s really going to tell more than anything else who’s going to be here and who’s not going to be here. And also when you get into the preseason games, a guy’s going to play well on special teams that might push him up offensively or defensively also.”

Kubiak: [On what he’s seen from WR Cody Latimer] “I’ve been really impressed. It sounded like to me like he struggled a bit mentally keeping up and it held him back [last season]. Anytime you’re doing that it’ll hold you back physically. But I think he’s comfortable with what we are doing. His reps have been increased obviously without [WR] Demaryius [Thomas] here. So, I see a fine young player. I liked him coming out. I’m really excited about what he can bring and I know he’s a lot better now than when he started. So just, I’m excited moving forward.”

Phillips: [On NT Sylvester Williams and the nose tackle position] “I think ‘Sly’ has done an exceptional job. I feel real good about him. About four of the guys, I think they move forward really well. I think we’ve got a group that can come in and play and do some good things for us. Sly has been exceptional. I think he’s really taken over the nose guard position. I think he can play a three-technique, but I think he’s done really well. I’m really pleased with where he is.”

DeCamillis: [On if anyone is emerging as the punt return leader] “It’s hard to tell right now. I think their catching mechanics have gotten better and their return mechanics have gotten better, which for all of them is good. It was a tough day the other day with the wind. I believe it was the first day of camp and we had a couple drops there, but for the most part it’s been real solid. You can’t really say yet, but hopefully by the end of camp next week, it’s been good up to this point and we’ll have a better answer for you going into training camp.”

Kubiak: [On whether anyone has surprised him this offseason] “I don’t know. I think there are a bunch of young players that are going to surprise people. I think that we are going to have some guys step up that maybe people didn’t expect. I think there are some guys that have made a lot of progress as players. Who’s that going to be? I don’t know. We’re going to be young up front but I think we’ve gotten some guys that have gained a lot of confidence through the course of this month.”

DeCamillis: [On if he can use a starter like Sanders as a returner] “That’s something we have to talk about as we go through it. That’s in [Head] Coach [Gary] Kubiak’s wheelhouse. I can tell you, it’s been a pleasure being with him though because it’s nice to be around a guy that’s been able to be a head coach in the league before and has done it and he’s just way ahead of the curve. It’s great to be back with him I know that.”

Phillips: [On how the defensive backs have looked] “I think we’ve got an exceptional group. I think everybody knows that. Anytime you have three guys that have been to the Pro Bowl—they all have ability, they’re all hard workers and they’re all smart players. I have no complaints about the secondary, for sure. Once we get the pads on, I think our defense will look a whole lot better. It’s hard to cover guys when you can’t him them at all, although our run plays I think have been very good. I think our run defense overall is looking really good.”

Kubiak: [On TE Owen Daniels’ progress] “He’s the same player he’s always been. He’s very bright, he’s got great hands and [he] takes care of himself. He’s had a couple of nicks along the way in his career but other than that he’s just been a consistent player. He’s the same. I have to be smart with him. I think I’ve learned a lot about him in the last few years and how to handle him and get the most out of him. So we’ll kind of stick to our plan as we go into camp. But I also am very proud of him as a person. I knew as a person how important ball was to him and he’s at a stage in his career where he’s looking for the ultimate success. He’s had some individual success and he’s looking for the ultimate team success so it’s great to have him here.”

DeCamillis: [on how special teams plays a major part in who makes the team] “It’s important, because here’s the thing: good head coaches, like [Kubiak] understand you only get 46 [players] for the game. Everyone talks about the 53 [players]. Well, that’s important, but really who plays in that first game is important and you have to have the right guys going into that game and I think the more experienced the coach is the better chance you have at getting that right. I’m looking forward to how we’re going to do the personnel end of it here and see who is going to make the team.”

Phillips: [On OLB Shane Ray] “Shane Ray is coming along real well in the classroom. He needs to take it to the field. He hadn’t had as much work as we’d like. He strained a quad muscle a little bit. He’s missed some full-speed time. He’s so sharp on the board and in watching film, and then on the sideline he’s over there telling us—we have a coach with him every play—he tells the coach what he’s supposed to do on that play. He got a little bit more work today. I think that next week will be a big week for him.”

Phillips: [On if Ray is going to play on one side of the defense] “He’s playing both. In college, he played one, basically the right side. But he played on the left some. We’re letting him play both sides here. For a rookie, I think that’s exceptional that he’s learned a lot of things as quickly as he’s learned them. With a lot of action, even though you know the Xs and Os of it, sometimes your reactions are a little slower. Like I said, next week I think will be important for him.”

Kubiak: [On bringing C Gino Gradkowski in from Baltimore] “Really, it was a need. From a center standpoint, last year it was [C Will] Montgomery who was here and he was a free agent. Then you’ve got [C Matt] Paradis. He’s a young player and we looked in the draft and it became a concern. Which direction are we heading here? And really I just mentioned to [Executive Vice President of Football Operations/General Manager] John [Elway], ‘There’s a guy… you all go look at him, but I had him up at Baltimore and he had started the year before and I think he’s a great player and take a look.’ [I was] just fortunate to know him a little bit and [Offensive Coordinator] Rick [Dennison] liked him. I like the way he moves. So, if anything he’s made us real competitive at that position. If somebody like Matt [Paradis] is going to step up he’s going to have to beat out a really good player. So, we’ll be a better team in the long haul because of those two guys going at it.”

DeCamillis: [On competition at punter with Britton Colquitt and Karl Schmittz] “Yeah, they’re working together. It was a good day today for both of them from the standpoint that they were pretty even and that’s the way it’s been. It’s a good competition so we’ll see how it goes.”

The Broncos are off today and over the weekend before resuming on Monday for the final phase of OTA’s.