When the news broke that Brock Osweiler was leaving Denver, analysts everywhere scrambled to predict Denver’s next move. Few could have ever guessed that John Elway‘s first move would have been to trade for Mark Sanchez

While Elway claims that this is just the “first step” of a bigger plan, that bigger plan has yet to unfold; until further notice, Mark Sanchez is the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos.

Sanchez will be entering his eighth season in the NFL next year and has competed for a starting role for the New York Jets and most recently the Philadelphia Eagles. He’€™s performed competently in the past — butt-fumbles aside — and he will most certainly contribute to a competitive training camp this year too.

At a press conference on Monday, Sanchez made his first public appearance as a Denver Bronco. Here’s what he had to say:

Sanchez’s initial reaction to the trade to Denver:

€œI had no idea. When I got the news, I was obviously taken back and didn’€™t know exactly what was going on. They told me I was going to Denver. The first thing I thought of was what an opportunity and what a tradition they’ve built here. The winning culture that they’€™ve cultivated here is something I’€™m just eager to be a part of. It was great.

Sanchez on whether Elway said there would be a QB competition:

€œExactly as you stated. Just get in here and compete your butt off for a starting role, trying to lead this team. That’€™s my goal to start this coming fall, be ready to play and help this team win.

Sanchez on how he fits into head coach Gary Kubiak‘s scheme:

€œI think it’€™s a great fit and could be a smooth transition. I’€™ve seen his success, not only as a player, but as a coach and one of the great offensive minds in this league. That is encouraging as a quarterback. I feel like they put their quarterback in a great situation and that’€™s with the personnel around the quarterback, the defense, the special teams, everything involved. Those are all important aspects and this is the ultimate team sport. I think he understands that. This organization understands that with the culture they’€™ve built. I have run a lot of those concepts. I’ve seen a lot of their stuff on film. That’€™s encouraging and I think it will be a smooth transition.

Sanchez reflects on his first seven seasons:

€œAll that experience, I feel like that can only help you as you move on in your career, and going into my eighth year, I’m battle tested. I’€™ve been through the fire. I’€™ve been in some tough media markets. I’ve played in some great games. I’€™ve seen the highs and the lows of this league. I’€™m just eager to get started. Look at this facility; look at the opportunity that is right in front of me, the receivers, the [offensive] line, the staff, the personnel. This is an incredible opportunity. This doesn’t just happen, and it seems to have this last week. Like I said, this isn’€™t an opportunity that I’€™m going to squander. I’m going to take all that experience that I have learned from any mistakes and build on any of the positive things and just put my best foot forward here as a Bronco and help this team win.

Sanchez on leading the Jets to consecutive AFC Championships:

I think just that experience in that atmosphere and understanding what is expected of the quarterback down the stretch and playing some of my best games in the toughest situations €”on the road in the playoffs €”all that experience can only help you. I wasn’€™t a part of anything here last year, so I’m not hanging on any coattails that way. I’m eager to win. Like I’€™ve said, I’€™ve seen a lot in this league. I’m not married. I don’€™t have a girlfriend. I don’€™t have kids. I just want to play ball and I want to win. I really want to win, and I’m so lucky to be in a spot like this. Every waking moment, that’s all I’€™m thinking about. What an opportunity this is. I want to win and I want to play here.€

Sanchez on playing for a team led by former quarterbacks Elway and Kubiak:

I can honestly say that is just a recipe for success. I’m thrilled to be a part of it. I think the culture that they’€™ve built here, the winning attitude and the fan base here, this is one of the best organizations in sports, not just football. When I got that phone call and Howie Roseman said, €˜I’m trading you to Denver,€™ I was like, Denver, Colorado? Are you kidding me? OK. Yeah, let’€™s do it. This is just an absolute dream come true. My family is thrilled and I can’€™t wait to just immerse myself in this community and this winning tradition, and hopefully add to it.

Sanchez on coming to Denver after Peyton Manning‘s retirement:

What is crazy, too—I was talking about it with my brother €”[Hall of Fame QB Brett] Favre was there right before I got to New York. It was another Hall of Famer first-ballot Hall of Famer. What a unique circumstance that was. To both of those players, and especially Peyton, nobody follows those guys. You don’€™t try and emulate them. You see what they do on the field and you’€™d love to do some of those things, especially all of the successful things he has done. You don’€™t try and be Peyton Manning. Obviously we’€™ll let No. 18 sit on the shelf there for a while. I’m not going to take that number. That’€™s just rarefied air. I’€™m just so impressed with what he’s done and would love to learn as much as I can from him and the guys that have been with him. You’€™ve got to be yourself and work as hard as you can to be the best version of myself and give everything I’€™ve got to the team.

Sanchez on his confidence after the last few years:

€œI think you just get tested. Now you wait for your next opportunity and you’€™re hungry. I’€™ve just been hungry these last couple of years to really get into an established starting role, to have that established starting role routine and not wait for somebody to get hurt or for something to happen to go into the game. Now I’€™m in a lot of ways in control of my own destiny here. To have that in my power for the first time in a few years, that’€™s pretty special. To see what this could be, it’s incredible. Like I said, everything I’ve got, I’m pouring into this thing. I’m looking forward. Definitely not looking back.

Sanchez on limiting turnovers:

€œI think the most important thing any successful team and any time that we’ve has success is the team that hasn’€™t turned the ball over, whether it is interceptions or fumbles or anything, €”you look at the final four teams every year, those are the teams with the best turnover ratio and the best turnover margins. In the years we were successful in New York, that was the case. That’€™s really the name of the game. I’m sure Coach Kubiak is going to stress that. Coach [Offensive Coordinator Rick] Dennison and [Quarterbacks] Coach [Greg] Knapp, I think those guys will obviously help in every department. We’€™ll just go forward and have a great year.

Sanchez on if any of his new teammates reached out to him:

€œYes, a few guys. I know a couple guys. [OLB] Von Miller, we have the same agent. [WR] Emmanuel Sanders and [WR] Demaryius Thomas €”I’ve thrown with Demaryius before in the offseason. I mean, what an opportunity to have two wideouts like that. It’€™s pretty special with that personnel group. It’s going to be a fun locker room.