Despite being the No. 1 defense in the NFL, the Denver Broncos defenders lived off the believed disrespect they were receiving from the national media. In their eyes, nobody gave them the respect they deserved, and they were tired of it.

Leading up to the Super Bowl, all anybody could talk about was Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. It was his coronation, and the action in Vegas, as well as the picks from experts, reflected that.

When it came down to it, though, the Denver Broncos were simply better, holding the NFL’s top offense to just 10 points. And after the game, they made sure Carolina knew just how short the came.

Here’s some of their best work:

Aqib Talib on Cam Newton’s alter-ego:

“There ain’t no Easter Bunny, there ain’t no Santa Claus, there ain’t no Superman,”

Chris Harris Jr. on the Panthers’ previous opponents:

“He just hasn’t faced nobody. We looked at their schedule. They played the AFC South. They played the, what conference are they in? I don’t know what division they’re in. They haven’t played nobody man. So you look at the schedule and we’re the first dogs they’ve played.”

T.J. Ward on the difference between the Panthers and Broncos:

“We don’t have to say nothing. We let them do all the talking. We let our pads talk. We talk with our helmets and our shoulder pads. They could do all the media talking, you know what I’m talking about? We’re not about that flashy stuff. We’re about that grind, putting in that work. Grind it. Work. That’s how you get the ‘ship. They want to be famous. We want to be champions. They want to be rappers and backup dancers. We want to play football.”

Danny Trevathan, Aqib Talib and Chris Harris on Cam Newton:

“That’s the way he is. Playing for himself,” Trevathan said.

“He didn’t want it,” Talib said.

“Did you guys see him dance today? He [saw] us dance,” Harris said.

Wade Phillips on the Panthers’ celebrations:

Von Miller on the Panthers’ Dabs: