As the 2023 MLB trade deadline approaches, we will be taking a look back through the years at the Colorado Rockies most impactful trades.

And it’s hard to get much more impactful than a move that sent out one of the ten best players in franchise history and brought back another. Matt Holliday had been robbed of the 2007 National League MVP but just a year later was shipped off to Oakland for Carlos Gonzalez, Huston Street, and Greg Smith.

Trading Matt Holliday is one of the most impactful decisions in Rockies history – YouTube

Holliday remains embedded in Rockies fans hearts and both CarGo and Street would become so. From a purely statistical standpoint the Rox “won the trade” even though Holliday was great in St. Louis, it still serves as an example of the long-term good that can come from making a difficult decision in the moment to move on from a popular player.

And don’t forget about the Huston Street aspect as he would go on to record the third most Saves in franchise history.

Regardless of which guy fans might pick as their favorite, now that both careers are in the books, both made an indelible mark on the franchise and the community and, oddly enough, were able to end their Rockies careers together.