Denver Broncos safety T.J. Ward can’t play Week 1, but Tom Brady can — a stark change from 24 hours ago.

Brady, of course, had his four game suspension for DeflateGate overturned today by a judge while Ward got hit with a one game suspension out of left field for an incident that happened 16 months ago and had all charges dropped.

This reeks of something suspicious. Did the NFL suspend Ward just to flex its muscles after the very embarrassing events of this morning? Maybe.

As one Denver radio host just said to me, “T.J. Ward is the dog who just got kicked because a guy is mad at his wife.”

Roger Goodell has bungled and botched nearly everything in his tenure, specifically the last few years — the guy doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt — ever.

Did Ward just become the latest victim, simply because Goodell has power and likes to abuse it?

It wouldn’t shock this scribe.