What a day, Broncos Country …

After watching Peyton Manning break the all-time passing record, Broncos fans had to then sit and witness one of the most depressing performances in franchise history. And it’s not just that Manning threw four interceptions or that he finished with a 0.0 quarterback rating; it’s that we may have just witnessed the last great milestone of Manning’s illustrious career.

Only time will tell, but there is a decision that needs to be made: Manning or Brock Osweiler?

If you listen to head coach Gary Kubiak, though, the answer is pretty clear.

And maybe it all does come down to the fact that Manning is injured — at least, Broncos fans better hope that’s what it is — but then why roll him out there? Why not give Manning the rest is so obviously needed?

Simple. Because Manning has earned enough respect from this coaching staff to be able to make the call on whether he is healthy enough to compete.

But even he will admit that he made the wrong call; though, he still won’t use it as an excuse.

But whether or not Manning is the right man for the job, there should be no illusions that the rest of the team still believes he’s their man.

Even still, after what we heard on Sunday night, there’s a significant chance that Manning is going to sit out next week in an attempt to heal up in preparation for the Broncos’ crucial matchup against the Patriots. If Kubiak really is regretful that he started Manning despite the injury concerns this weekend, I can’t imagine how he does the same next weekend.

That means that Brock Osweiler could very well be getting the first start of his career, and that can only mean more drama for the Denver Broncos.

But if there’s one thing we all need to keep in mind, it’s that the team is still 7-2. There may be some fundamental flaws on this football team, but that doesn’t mean this is the final version of the 2015 Denver Broncos.

Buckle in. We’re about to go for a ride.