The Denver Broncos have decided not to add anyone to their Ring of Fame this year. This will mark the first time since 2011 that the committee has not added a member to the team’s Ring of Fame.

Former Denver Bronco Karl Mecklenburg discussed the Broncos’ celebratory ring, and who he thought should’ve been added as the historically great Bronco joined Gil Whiteley and Mark Jackson of Mile High Sports AM 1340 | FM 104.7 to discuss it all Wednesday.

When asked on who he thought should’ve been added to the Ring of Fame; Rulon Jones was a no brainer.

“Rulon Jones should be there,” Mecklenburg said. “Rulon was the most dominant pass rusher of his time. I made a living off of them double teaming him. Some of the decision making is hard to figure. They want it to be exclusive, yet they want to honor the guys that were instrumental in the success of the Broncos through the years.”

Eligible participants for the Broncos Ring of Fame are those who have been out of the NFL for at least five years. John Elway is the only Broncos Ring of Fame Member that didn’t have to wait the full five years.

“They only got a couple more spots until there gonna have to start a new row,” said Mecklenburg chuckling. “You’ve got to get a quorum of people who agree. I don’t know who the voters are at this point.”

Eligible players that could have been inducted this year into the Ring of Fame include former receiver Ed McCaffrey and former linebacker Al Wilson.

The last five inductees can be seen below:

Red Miller (2017), Jason Elam (2016), Simon Fletcher (2016), John Lynch (2016), and Pat Bowlen (2015).

Champ Bailey will become eligible next year and should be a lock, along with Mike Shanahan. Peyton Mannning will also be a lock in the future, but he will not be eligible until 2021.

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