The question on everyone’s mind at UCHealth Training Center on Wednesday was, “Who will start at quarterback for the Broncos against the 49ers on Saturday?” No one on the Broncos staff appears to know the answer, or at least wasn’t willing to reveal it.

There was plenty of other talk, however, about the three-man quarterback competition currently taking place between Mark Sanchez, Trevor Siemian and rookie Paxton Lynch. From coaches to running backs and wide receivers, to all three quarterbacks themselves, it seemed like everyone at Broncos camp chimed in on the topic Wednesday.

Here’s what they had to say, courtesy of Broncos PR.

Head Coach Gary Kubiak

On who will be starting quarterback on Saturday

“I’ll probably work on that tomorrow.”

On how the quarterbacks looked today

“I thought they did a really good job. It’s good for them to see different stuff, They were looking at different coverages and those types of things. I thought [QB] Paxton [Lynch] did some really good stuff. [QB] Mark [Sanchez] makes a great play at the end of the end of the two-minute drill. [QB] Trevor [Siemian] makes a great throw in the two-minute drill. We got to make the plays, so it’s a good competition. They’re both becoming really good players, and it’s a tough decision for us, but that’s a good thing because they’re doing their job.”

On the Broncos’ offseason pursuit of 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick

“We’ve moved on. We wish Colin all the best. We’ve moved on. I feel really good about our guys”

Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison

On what he is looking for in the quarterbacks

“Just consistency. Now we have a lot of concepts in. Especially in weeks like this week, when you’re going against somebody else, you get to go back and do some things that we can’t do against our defense. We have a good feel for what they are doing. We changed some concepts. We got back in the playbook and pull some stuff out. We also know that we are going to play them in a couple days, too. We try not to do the same thing every time, different formations. They did a good job as far as understanding what we are trying to get done and being consistent.”

Running Back C.J. Anderson

On offering help to the quarterbacks

“When I can. I’m not trying to be too much. At the end of the day, they have to see some things. If I see some things, like I did in the past with 18 [QB Peyton Manning], I’ll let them know. It’s just good that all three of them came up to me and told me they trusted me with my decision. Usually when I tell something, it’s close to being right. I’m just happy and I’m honored with that. That’s just on me and the effort I put in. I always just try to help them when I can, just in certain situations where I feel like we can. I just try to remind them.”

On chemistry with quarterbacks

“I have no idea. That’s something that you’d have to ask ‘D.T.’ [WR Demaryius Thompson] or [WR] Emmanuel [Sanders]. You have to give it up to them. Our tight ends and [WR] Jordan Norwood, you know, the people who have timing. As far as us, my chemistry is with the O-Line and I think our chemistry is fine. As far as [QB] Trevor [Siemian] and [QB] Mark [Sanchez], I hear both of the talk, hear them both give the cadence, so it’s all fine.”

Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas

On how the three quarterbacks throw

“The three guys we have now are very similar. [QB] Paxton [Lynch] has a little more fire on his, but all of them are catchable and are easy to catch. It’s not a big problem with those guys.”

On the quarterback position

“When we’re on the field with [QB] Mark [Sanchez] or when we’re on the field with [QB] Trevor [Siemian], the ball is moving. It’s [Head Coach Gary Kubiak] Coach Kubes’ decision. I think he is going to make the right one. I feel like both of them are ready. You still have Paxton coming up, so you never know what’ll happen.”

Quarterback Mark Sanchez

On playing time in the second preseason game

“We’ll leave it up to coach. He handles playing time and depth chart, so we’ll I defer to coach. I’ll be ready to play a quarter, a series, one snap or the whole game. It doesn’t matter.”

On his expectations for the second preseason game

“We want to continue to improve, take to the coaching that we’ve got during the week and clean up any mistakes that we’ve had this week against [San Francisco]. We want to go out and play well, move the team down the field.”

On the quarterback competition

“I think I’m right where I want to be. I know I’m competing hard. That’s all I can control. I just have to keep working.”

On his improvements over the course of training camp

“I think it’s been great. I think there are good plays, bad plays and everything in between. Now, it’s just a matter of maximizing those good plays and eliminating the bad plays, even if you are in a bad play. What is the lesser of a few evils depending on what defense you are playing. It’s just making the right decision at the right time and being accurate. I think that’s going well.”


On his relationship with the other quarterbacks in the room

“I think we are rooting for each other, to be honest. I think it’s for people on the outside to see that. The best guy will play. You just have to keep putting your best foot forward and making good throws and good decisions. As soon as I go out, I’m rooting for [QB] Trevor [Siemian], especially on a day like today where you get to play somebody else. You want to see him do well and you want to see him move the ball the down the field. He has. He’s done great and so has [QB] Paxton [Lynch]. We’re both rooting for him when we are both out. That’s the kind of relationship you want.”


On helping younger quarterbacks 

“I’ve always rooted for my teammates. I think that’s the most important thing. The team winning is good for everyone, no matter what the depth chart looks like. It bodes well for everybody on the roster and everybody in the building. I know that’s part of it. Brunell was a huge part of it, in both my growth as a young quarterback and learning how to be a team guy. Sometimes you have to fake some energy during the dog days of camp. You have to go win an Oscar in the huddle, talking about a day one install play on day 20. You have to sell that play like it is the best play we have in the playbook. You know these guys don’t want to hear this play again. These guys will sniff it out if you’re not convincing enough. You have to say it with conviction.”

Quarterback Trevor Siemian

On whether he’ll be starting against San Francisco 

“That’s probably a better question for ‘Kubes’ [Head Coach Gary Kubiak].”

On when he expects to play against San Francisco

“We’ll see. It’s not going to make or break my day. I think that I’ll get a chance to get reps in whenever they come and I’ll make the most of them.”


On what he wants to demonstrate on Saturday

“To operate and lead the group. Like we’ve been saying all along, not to turn the ball over and put it in the endzone.”

On the quarterback competition

“I’m trying to take it day-by-day. It’s obviously really competitive here with the ‘Niners in today, which was fun, but just taking it day-by-day. There’s a certain comfort level, whether it’s the first group or it’s the second group, you’re with the same guys. I think that helps.”


On going into a game while competing for a starting role

“I don’t think that I’m thinking about it too much that way. It’s going to be fun to play at home, no doubt. I think that we’ve got the best home field in the league. It’s going to be fun and I’m going to make the most of my reps when I get them and not try to do too much.”


On quarterbacks rooting for each other

“I thought we would be at fisticuffs (laughing). No, it’s an awesome group. With [Quarterbacks/Passing Game Coordinator Greg] Knapp leading the circus, so to speak, it’s been fun and I think everybody is helping each other out. It’s a good group to be a part of and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

On having an advantage with his second year in the system

“Maybe there’s some familiarity there, but Paxton and Mark are both great guys and they’ve done a great job of picking everything up pretty quickly. At this point, it’s just operating, navigating the offense and doing your job.

On the chemistry with the first team offense

“At this point in camp, you’re getting a feel for those guys, especially [WR] Emmanuel [Sanders],  [WR] DT [Demaryius Thomas], [WR] Jordan Norwood, some of those guys who may be a little quicker out of their break. It’s good to get those reps and get a feel for those guys, whether it’s the ones, twos, threes or whoever it is.”

Quarterback Paxton Lynch

On his mindset when he gets reps with the first and second team

“Just to keep pushing. Every rep is not going to be perfect, obviously, but you can strive for it. That’s what I kind of do, come out here and get the reps how I get them and try to execute as best as I can, no matter who I’m with.”


On how much playing time he expects to receive on Saturday

“I’m not sure yet, but I’m sure they’re talking about it right now.”

On playing at Sports Authority Field at Mile High for the first time

“I’m very excited. I know that our first game was on the road and the Bears got to play in front of their crowd, so coming out here to practice is exciting. You look over there to the berm and you know it’s full of people. I’m excited to get to the stadium and see it packed.”

On the support from the other quarterbacks     

“It’s definitely a healthy competition, in my opinion. We’re all rooting for each other, but we’re also pushing each other at the same time. Mark [Sanchez] and Trevor [Siemian] are good guys and they’ve been there to help me through the process and make the process easier on my end.”

On fitting in with the quarterback room

“They give me advice every now and again when they can and when the opportunity presents itself. If I ever had any questions about anything or if I have a bad practice, they’re there to help me and pick me up.”