Gary Kubiak spoke to the media from the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis Wednesday morning and commented on several things, most importantly the status of his quarterback.

When he was finished, little was definitively answered.

The giant elephant in the room remains to be whether or not Peyton Manning is coming back to the Denver Broncos. Last week, following a flight on the Broncos private jet to Dove Valley and a meeting with the entire front office, Manning reportedly said he was physically and mentally ready to return to football in 2015.

A strange turn of events followed. Nothing but silence was heard from the Broncos organization for several days. Yesterday the Denver Post’s Mike Klis caught up with Kubiak outside of his hotel elevator.

“We want to play with him. This organization has won a lot of games with him and we want to get back and do it again. Expecting him to come back,” Kubiak told Klis.

Today from the podium at the Combine, Kubiak echoed those statements saying, “No doubt I want him to be (our quarterback).”

What was telling was that Kubiak prefaced those statements by saying that “I don’t think there has been any assurances” in regards to Manning’s return to the team.

As each day goes by without a statement from the organization declaring Manning’s return for one last hurrah, it becomes more evident that they want No. 18 back at a different price than the one they agreed on in 2012.

Kubiak also stated that he has spoken with every player on the roster and would like to have Wes Welker and Rahim Moore back, among others but he would leave that up to John Elway.

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