Nicknames are earned, not given, and the Denver Broncos secondary has absolutely earned the moniker of “No Fly Zone.” So, can someone please ask the Los Angeles Rams what this is?

The Rams are obviously feeling good about themselves as they sit at 3-1 with two wins over the division rival Seahawks and Cardinals, but they better slow their roll. They haven’t been to the playoffs in over a decade, let alone the Super Bowl, so maybe they should think twice before attempting to steal a nickname from the reigning champs.

And don’t think the Broncos didn’t notice.

The Broncos secondary calls themselves the “No Fly Zone” because they ground air attacks on a weekly basis. They haven’t allowed 200 yards through the air all season, and they’ve faced four Pro Bowlers. The Rams are allowing 250 yards through the air each week.

LA, you might want to back up on this one.