Latest Las Vegas odds show 2019 Denver Broncos very little love

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They say the oddsmakers usually know.

They don’t build billion dollar casinos in Las Vegas because the city loses.

So when Sin City discusses your favorite team, it’s always worth listening. As training camp draws closer and the regular season is fewer than two months away, a new batch of 2019 NFL odds has been released in a variety of different categories.

Let’s take a peek…

Super Bowl 

Favorite: Patriots (6/1)

Broncos: (65/1)

Thoughts: For perspective, Denver was 14-1 to win Super Bowl 50 entering the season. That team did have Peyton Manning, but he was aging. 65-1 isn’t horrible value.


Favorite: Patriots (3.5/1)

Broncos: (30/1)

Thoughts: If you think the Broncos can win the AFC, well then you certainly think they can win the Super Bowl. Nine teams (yikes!) have better odds to win the conference.

AFC West

Favorite: Chiefs (1/1.6)

Broncos: (8-1)

Thoughts: Kansas City being overwhelming favorites isn’t a shocker, but if Patrick Mahomes comes back to Earth and Melvin Gordon get out of Los Angeles, you never know!


Favorite: Patriots (O/U 11.5)

Broncos: (O/U 7.5)

Thoughts: Holy guacamole, talk about a tempting number! Denver won six games with the incompetent Vance Joseph and Joe Woods running the show. Vic Fangio alone has to be worth at least two more wins to get this team 8-8 or better.


Favorite: Patrick Mahomes (5-1)

Broncos: Joe Flacco, Von Miller (150-1)

Thoughts: It’d be insane to see a defensive player win NFL MVP, but if Miller broke the single season sack record, you could never say never. Flacco might need 16 more Rahim Moore moments to have any shot at the MVP (it’s not happening).


Favorite: Kyler Murray (1.75 / 1)

Broncos: Drew Lock, Noah Fant (35-1)

Thoughts: If Flacco gets hurt or Lock wows in the preseason, you could make an outside case for taking a chance on Lock. As far as Fant, he’d probably have to catch double digit touchdowns and watch Murray (and others) struggle mightily.


Favorite: Nick Bosa (6/1)

Broncos: Dre’Mont Jones (75/1)

Thoughts: It’s a bit shocking for Jones to be on the board, given the Broncos didn’t snag him until the third round, but it’s tricky when it comes to an award like this. It’s a crapshoot to figure out.


Ultimately, Las Vegas doesn’t have much faith in these Broncos. And while winning the AFC or Super Bowl seems out of the question, and the individual awards feel like longshots, that win total is definitely worth keeping an eye on as the 2019 season looms.