I am not a fan of booing. I believe the act of booing to be a huge sign of disrespect for athletes, who have worked incredibly hard to get to the place they are in order to give us entertainment. Booing is adolescent and petty, malevolent behavior, reserved for trolls and morons who have no other way to voice their misguided frustration. The knuckle draggers and oafs who boo would benefit more from bettering their own position in life, rather than mocking the acts and performance of others. In other words, booing is for dummies and meanies alike.

And then there is the return of Brock Osweiler…

On Monday, October 24th, the Denver Broncos will host their old part-time Super Bowl champion quarterback, Brock Alan Osweiler, and I will be booing the hell outta Brock.

Brock, as we all know, went to the Texans, and GOT PAID. Four years, $72 million. WOW!

Brock getting paid, however, is NOT the reason why I am going to join my fellow louts in the boo-fest. Brock was courted and wooed by another business, the Houston Texans. Houston showed him a big payday, and showed him love, and Brock left for greener pastures in Texas, where, by the way, there is no state income tax. You, me and everyone else would most likely have done the same thing as Brock. We could all be so lucky.

So why am I going to Boo?

Brock did all of us Broncos fans right in his time spent in Denver. Brock was interactive and jovial with the media and fans. Brock was never in trouble, or a problem in the community. When it was time for Brock to step in as the starter, he did so with class, and did an adequate job. The Broncos were 5-2 in games Brock started in 2015, with crucial wins over the New England Patriots and the Cincinnati Bengals. In fact an argument could be made that the Broncos never make it to SB50 if not for Osweiler.

So why BOO

Brock Osweiler left my team, the Denver Broncos and I don’t have to like it. Some say we should actually cheer for Brock, without him there is no parade or ring ceremony. NOPE. Brock left for reasons I can’t blame him for, but it doesn’t mean I have to support it. So I am going to boo, because I am a Broncos fan and because it’s me and my team and this has nothing to do with Brock Osweiler.

If you have an ex, do you cheer her when she starts dating Doug, the electrician from down the street? NO. Do you like the fact that your ex and Doug are doing well? Do you show support of your ex’s new situation and start chanting Doug’s name when you see them at the chain restaurant eating appetizers? NO, you don’t, in fact the opposite. You might smile and say hello, but secretly you hope they get caught in a rain storm on their way home with a flat tire. Boo Doug and the horse he came in on.

I wish no bad upon Brock Osweiler, but as a Bronco fan, I don’t have to show support, either. I reserve the right to boo. Like a jolted lover I can appreciate the good times we had together, the accomplishments the Broncos had as a team, but I don’t have to root for him now, just because he won a few games.  I can boo, loud and proud, because at the end of the day, it’s not him, it’s me. Call me petty, call me childish, call me envious or jealous. All of those might be true, but I am also true to my team, the Denver Broncos.

So boo away Denver, because we don’t have to root for our ex’s, especially when they live in Texas.