We already know that Nikola Jokic is a phenomenal basketball player. We also know he’s a pretty darn funny dude. Now, he may be on the precipice of becoming a fashion icon.

On Thursday, the Nuggets tweeted out a shot of Jokic sporting what we have to say would be one of the best/worst t-shirts we’ve ever seen.

You can’t miss what appears to be a face emblazoned on Jokic’s tee.

That’s longtime Nuggets trainer Steve Hess, showing a very healthy looking tongue, we might add.

But take a closer look. It’s actually a perfectly placed selfie that only looks like Hess is a part of Joker’s shirt. Well played, Nuggets.

Hess is known across NBA circles for his effervescent personality and boundless energy. Earlier this month he was helping lead the strength portion of the NBA Draft combine.

Hess has developed some famous workouts for the Nuggets over the years, including some legendary trips to Red Rocks. Maybe the post will inspire a new t-shirt Jokic and the guys can rock at their next workout .