The Denver Broncos are coming off a championship season, but that doesn’t mean they’re done winning.

With a Lombardi and Super Bowl MVP Trophy already in hand, Von Miller is looking to grab his third trophy of the offseason as the winner of Dancing with the Stars. And his teammate, Aqib Talib, just earned his second ring in the past two months; this time, though, it’s a wedding ring.

Yes, Aqib Talib and his finance, Gypsy Benitez, tied the knot on Saturday. And as you might expect, the “No Fly Zone” and rest of the Denver defense were there to support.

And we even got a glimpse of the couples first dance … and it’s awesome!

And it wasn’t just Talib’s wedding day; Von Miller’s birthday was that night, too.

And Talib was nice enough to invite a few of his former New England Patriots teammates, too.

Best of all, though, check out Talib’s wedding cake, via 247Sports.


Congrats, Talib!