Brock Osweiler may have spurned the Denver Broncos, and he may have been angry at how the Broncos treated him, but there’s no denying that he handled everything with the utmost class.

There are a lot of quarterbacks who would have cried and complained after being benched during Week 17 of a Super Bowl-winning season, but, whether he believed it or not, Osweiler continued to say all the right things to the media. He never made himself a distraction, and he never stopped supporting the team.

Now, did the move eventually lead to him choosing Houston over Denver? Probably. But that doesn’t mean Osweiler doesn’t appreciate the four years he did spend with the Denver Broncos.

Here’s what he had to say following the decision:

Broncos Country clearly isn’t happy with Osweiler right now, and they probably shouldn’t be. In the end, though, he did his job, and it earned him a major payday.

It’s hard to be too angry about that.