John Elway is a competitive man. There’s a reason, despite having seemingly accomplished all there is to accomplish in the NFL, he can’t give up the game of football.

He loves beating people too much.

Apparently, that extends to Twitter, too, where it looks like Elway just trolled a poor Twitter user who called out the Broncos general manager for making a bad selection when he drafted Trevor Siemian in the seventh round of last year’s draft.


It’s been 511 days since @nfkrauss, a Twitter user with 105 followers, called out Elway, and the Broncos general manager has yet to forget. In fact, it seems as if he’s been waiting for this moment a long time.

And Elway didn’t need any words, either. A simple tap on the shoulder would do.

@nfkrauss took it in stride, though.

So, be careful, folks. If you plan on calling out John Elway on Twitter, fine. Just be prepared to receive a response when you’re proven wrong.