Man…if only the Orlando Magic could make a photograph disappear. On Monday, the team announced that they had signed undrafted rookie Patricio Garino. His agent even posted a photo of the Argentinian signing his contract. Perhaps more interesting than what was behind the signing was what was behind the signee.

The picture has since been taken down. Luckily, someone was able to grab it before it was. What it reveals is a white board with a list that appears to be potential targets. Denver Nuggets fans should look closely. At the top of two of the lists they will find a total of three players currently competing in the Mile HIgh City.

The first category is “Hybrid Trade.” Atop that list is Wilson Chandler and Juan Hernangomez. The next category is “Hybrid Free Agency.” There you will find Danilo Gallinari.

All three players are under contract with the Nuggets next season. Gallinari can opt out of his deal, which he is widely expected to do. Chandler did express frustration with his inconsistent role earlier in the season.

Hopefully, the Magic know some card tricks, because the assuredly did not want to show their hand like this.